11 January 2013

oh, hello.

It is Friday afternoon and I'm sitting here thinking about blogging. I'm thinking, "I really need to start blogging again." I'm thinking, "I wish I could get back into blogging."

Cedar is taking a nap. Azalea is playing quietly in her room recovering from strep throat. I'm sitting in my sun-lit (thank the heavens!) living room. I remember how I used to blog to connect with people and update my family. I remember adding narration to our life. I remember how blogging helped me heal from postpartum depression. I think about how it made me a better baker, a better writer, and a better mom.

In the past I would have used blogging to give you details about moving from Idaho to Oregon. I would have told you about our tiny dark apartment. I would have included stories about crying while I packed millions of boxes with the help of dear friends. You would have known that Nate moved to Oregon a month earlier than Azalea and me to start his job. I might have even told you that I was in a rotten/pouting mood from about July to two days before Cedar was born in October; though, you probably would have guessed that from my writing.

And now that I'm writing this post I can tell you that our holidays were fabulous. Really. Filled with love, and warmth, and pretty much every Seattle tourist attraction I could have wished for. And last weekend we moved out of our dark apartment and into a rental house that has a giant window in every. single. room. And I wander around the house following the sunlight like a lazy cat. No joke. And I have a decent kitchen again that I can spend the next three months setting up to be exactly the way I want it to be. And it occurs to me that I could probably get a job organizing other people's kitchens to the height of efficiency except that they probably couldn't pay me enough. I can also tell you that Cedar is 100% delightful. We can't get enough of him. The same goes for Azalea. I can tell you that we're doing pretty well. And that someday I might like it here too. Those are the kinds of things that I can blog about.

Okay. I have a kitchen worth cooking in. I feel much better now.

You guys, my mom's knuckle is DELICIOUS.

It's wonderful here. #kidscrawlingalloverme

Friends! We're moving things put if this tiny apartment and into a new rental house today! Happy. New. Year. Print from @hillarybird

Chatting with daddy

I was sitting here on Friday afternoon thinking about writing a blog so I went ahead and wrote one. It was no big deal.


kylee said...

bigger deal than you think. i love your blog and i'm glad to see you posting again!

dandee said...

So glad you thought about writing today. xo.

Destri said...

I was clicking through on my little google "next" button, and you popped up in my reader!! Seriously made my day.
I know the little dark apartment blues - they stink. I was in one last year for about six months.
That baby boy...oh my, yummy :)
So glad you're doing well friend, love reading your words!

Kricket said...

It is so awesome to see your cute family again. That baby boy is SO cute. Where are you living? We are in Vancouver Washington. If you are close at all I would love to see you.

Jen said...

I love that I can see your feet in that first pic! Also, you look so beautiful in the one with Z and Cedar!

Kimberlee said...

Except for, it is a big deal! So glad you posted. Cedar is perfect and oh, how I miss that curly haired little girl of yours. You should post again soon! :)

Katharina said...

So good to read your musings again. I miss your face.

Hannah said...

That little guy is too cute! And you're daughter is adorable, as always. You're looking fab as well.

Glad you've blogged. I've missed ya.

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