19 April 2013

Cedar Cedar Pumpkin Eater

Last week our little Cedar Cedar turned six months old.


I know, right?

I sat down to write about this milestone on the actual day that he turned six months old but was so upset about the whole situation that I had to walk away from the computer. I mean, I literally had him two blog posts ago! And now? Well now just look at him. He's up on all fours all the time. Trying to crawl! What? He gets up on his knees and moves his legs as if he's crawling but his arms refuse to budge. This makes him furious. He looks at me for help and I'm like, "Nuh-uh, Mr. Kid. You're not getting any help with that from me. You'll have to ask your sister." Like I would actually help him crawl. Pfffsh.

This little stinker wants to crawl so bad. #cedarcedar

If you haven't met Cedar in person you might not know that he is a very screechy baby. You also might not know that he drools like crazy (if you ever lose him I would advise you to follow the slug-trail of drool he has left behind as he scoots around...I would also say that he's probably under the table. That is where I would check first) and that's only when he's not spitting up on you. If you meet Cedar in person he is going to spit up on you. These are the facts. Of course he's also going to smile at you with those dimples and push his chin into his chest like he is shy. After that you'll forgive him for the spit up. Again, I'm merely stating facts here.


As far as we can tell there are a few things that Cedar really loves. First of all, he loves us. Which, duh, is rad. He gets all bouncy and giggly when one of us walks in the room. Second, he loves his sister. Boy howdy. I honestly had no idea that the two of them would be interacting so much when Cedar was still so young. He will watch his sister's every move, craning his neck as far as he can to watch her skid back and forth across the floor. And then he laaaaaaaughs. At pretty much nothing other than her presence as far as I can tell. I'm not sure he's a fan of her picking him up though. Have you ever seen those pictures of little kids packing around grumpy cats? Yeah.  It's like that.

He and Tigger are either BFF or mortal enemies; it's hard to tell. Oh yeah, and he likes avocado.

Off to see the baby lambiiiiiiiiiiiies today!

When Nate lost his job I thought that our timing for having a baby couldn't have been worse. We had to worry about suddenly having no income and no insurance. Then when that crisis was averted I had to spend the late months of my pregnancy packing and cleaning our house. I had to move to a place where I had no friends and no doctor. I was scared that I was going to have my baby right before the rainy winter weather hit and spend the next six months lonely, depressed, and completely overwhelmed. Man, was I ever wrong. This little boy is pure sunshine. Rainy days be damned when Cedar is happy. Plus, I've heard that the best way to stop feeling sorry for yourself all the time is to provide some love and attention to another human being. You may have heard this advice at some other point in your life and I am here to tell you, it really works.

Cowboy/Farmer. Odds are if we were still living in Idaho I'd be dressing him more like a hipster. #cedarcedar

In summation to what is possibly the least cohesive post I have ever written, I guess maybe it isn't so bad that Mr. Kid is six months old. And if this little boy absolutely has to grow up, at least I get the privileged of being around for it. 


dw said...

Oh for Pete's sake, would you just LOOK at that FACE!?

(Your least coherent blog post may in fact be your most adorable, so I wouldn't worry about it.)

dw said...

DOH! I meant "cohesive". Obviously, I am not coherent.

chitarita said...

Seeing a post you from literally made my day! Glad to see such cute photos and to hear you're doing well.

jillian said...

Your little one is adorable! Glad to see you posting again!

Hannah said...

He's the cutest, most smartly dressed little person I've ever seen. Way to grow 'em, Mandy!

Happy to see a post from you!

Katharina said...

Sheer beauty. I love what you write!

dandee said...

Oh my, Cedar boy. You are the cutest! And I'm used to spit up and drool so no biggie.

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

What a cutie!

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