01 July 2008

I'm Baaaaack!

See, that wasn’t so bad. I bet you didn’t even miss me at all! Well, I’m happy to say that I’m back and very eager to whip this blog into shape. I wanted to have a GRAND RE-BLOGGING EXTRAVAGANZA type thing with an all new layout, maybe a new name, etc. etc…but I figured it might take me a year or more to make that happen. And that’s just silly. So I’ll just be making improvements here and there, like a reasonable person would do. Constantly reminding myself that I don’t have to do everything RIGHT NOW.

On that note I have to say that my list totally worked! Man, do I ever love lists. There is no better way for me to organize my thoughts, focus on what I want to do most, and of course, elicit the help of my super-talented friends. Here’s my list modified to reflect my point:

Digital Scrapbooking-Got some great advice from Hilary about where to download freebies, picked up a magazine for inspiration, and found out that Serin is into DS too…
Knit toys-I knit a block, though it was not so much square. I’ll blog more about that one later.
Cloth diapering Z-Again, my new friend Serin is an expert. I’m so close to making my purchase and I’m very excited about it.
Z starting solid foods-We’re gonna take the slow train on this one. But I always know I can go to Jaime for some great ideas!
Photography-My dear co-worker Ania volunteered to give me lessons.
Gardening-We have our garden planted and it is growing splendidly.
Baking-You know what, I might struggle with baking for the rest of my life, and that’s…okay.
Making cards-I will be inviting myself over to Neve's house to do this.
Seeing my best friend’s new baby-Have tickets to fly to Idaho on July 19th and plan to see little Claire on July 20th!
Seeing my new nephew-Just bought the tickets to fly to California in August. Here we come Willy!
Going to Idaho-See above

Things I’m going to worry about later:
Sewing clothes for Z-she has A LOT of clothes
Sewing lessons in general-maybe in Idaho
Cleaning out my basement-oh heaven help us
Downsizing-really…really, help us
Organizing my kitchen-you can’t put things on a list if they have no end
Aprons, bibs, and tutus-I’ll try not to buy them every time I see them

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Jaime said...

I'm very impressed with the progress on your list. I too am a list person. I have serval lists going on right today: companies to notify of our change of address, things to cook before we move (to clear out the cupboards I hate moving boxes of food--such a waste of space), professional clothes I have/need, fun games to play with Ashtyn today, and the inevitable grocery list.

So, I'm going to be in Idaho the 19th-27th....

Ashtyn "ate" rice cereal for 3 weeks before I gave her anything different--oatmeal cereal. we took it way slow, and now she can eat all sorts of stuff! Her recent favorite is grapes chopped into 1/8th pieces. :)

Miss you,

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