18 July 2008

On The Road Again...

*This is the same post as my family blog*

The Walkers are going to IDAHO!!!

After much back and forth...buying and cancelling plane tickets...humming and hawing...we have decided to drive to Idaho TONIGHT!

We're taking some inspiration from other parents I know who drive through the night when they have littles who don't have much to do other than chill in their carseat. Wish us luck!

I must say that I'm pretty dang excited to see my family. Also, my dear friends: Jen, Erica, Makenna, Jaime, Emmylou, & Rachel. I can't belive the serendipity that has struck in the fact that all of those girls will be within driving distance of me this week! Anyone else living in Burley or Idaho Falls that would like to hang out with us, we would love to see you too. Email me at walker dot miranda at gmail dot com

P.S. Don't worry Serin...I'm taking my laptop and camera so that I can blog about camp still. I know that's what you're worried about *sheesh*


Serin said...

LOL And don't forget the RECIPE! *whip*

Seriously, good luck with the drive and have fun! :)

Neve's Blog said...

Dear Miranda,
Nothing in life is free except for family day at the zoo. A tit for a tat. I help with cards and you help "fix my blog".
Have fun on the road Jack.

Serin said...

Dude, you haven't blogged about anything! What's up w/ that?? :p

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