22 September 2008

I Love You Fall

In honor of the first day of my favorite season, let's look at some pictures of food.

I consider this quinoa (it's pronounced KEEN-wa but you can just say it phonetically like I did for about a year if you want) dish to be a summer-y salad so it's appropriate for me to post it as a closer to a lovely summer. It has grapes and toasted almonds and was delicious. The flavor of the quinoa was much stronger in this salad than other recipes I have for the grain (uh...the ONE other recipe I have). Also, if you try the recipe...I didn't use verjus (yeah right, like I'm gonna go buy that) I used white wine vinegar instead.

Next up is another summer-time ingredient used in something that ended up reminding me more of fall...horchata. Mmm... I believe Ben said it best when he said he likes horchata mostly because it is so refreshing. I was so excited when I found this recipe for horchata cupcakes though mine weren't as horchata-y as I had expected them to be. I think it's because I used a horchata mix instead of making it myself like the recipe calls for. Oh well, pretty huh? I will most definitely be making these again.

And finally, something to put us in the mood for fall. Remember all those peaches I had? Here is the last of them.

Yeah, you wish you had a piece of this pie. The crust tasted like shortbread even though it was hard as a rock. Of course we topped it with real whip cream and the peaches needed hardly any glaze they were so wicked sweet.

That's enough of looking at food. On to all the other stuff I'm thinking about. Three things to be exact.

1. If you've known me for longer than 2 weeks you probably know that I have an aversion to baking. You might also know that I have an irrational need to overcome this aversion. Gone are the days of me being content to let other people bake for me...oh no. I'm going to rock baking so hard. So I've decided to challenge myself. October will be BAKING MONTH here at Three Things and you're all invited! I will be baking at least 3 things each week of October. Can you believe it? Why would I do such a silly thing? Well, it seems to me that many bloggers do crazy things like this with nary a reason for doing so. I would like to join them. So tell your friends! I'm sure there will be some DISASTERS...but hopefully a few successes. After October, if I still hate baking...I may just give myself permission to never bake again.

So please PLEASE send me your ideas for things to bake! I will be putting together menus as well as I can and I'd like to bake a variety of things. If you are fortunate enough to live in my area, you can be dang sure you will be the recipient of many a sweetie. April, I'm going to need your recipe for quick rolls.


2. Hello, it's almost October...what is Z-cakes going to be for Halloween?!! Oh don't worry. Rachel and I have it taken care of. But now that I think of it I'd better not tell you or all of you girls with babies might steal my (oh so original) idea.

What else is happening in October, Miranda?

Well I'm glad you asked.

3. My hyper-talented sister-in-law will be opening up her new online shop penguinbot where she will be selling her adorable vinyl bags, knit clutches, coin purses, and other lovelies. You have to check it out. I don't have the link yet...but when I do, you can be sure it will be on my sidebar. Yay Laurel!

Yay October! Yay Fall!


eaumaison said...

Last night I contemplated sneaking into your house and stealing more cupcakes. If you're a blogger taking on a month of baking then you MUST try the famous no knead bread. Just search for the NY times article, it's everywhere. I'm proofing a loaf right now to eat tonight with summer vegetable soup. Also you would be wise to make my Big Soft Ginger Cookies. I'm making some for the nurses I work with.

siberianluck said...

I will respond to this post with my own three things.

1. That shot of the horchata cupcakes is *awesome*.

2. Your links to rachel and I are broken :-)

3. Listen to rachel about the no knead bread. You may remember it from the time that Reed and April introduced us.

Staci Hill said...

Do you think we got our love of Horchata because of the Grandma-Egan-induced habit of eating warm rice & milk with sugar and nutmeg for breakfast?

I always thought the left over milk is what they called horchata - don't ask me why lots of people would have left over milk from their bowls of rice, but there you go...

My boys thought I was crazy telling them that we were going to drink rice milk. Now I've gotten them hooked on the stuff. When we go to Cafe Rio or Bajio, (although the Bajio version is BANG! so I don't think it can be very real).

When we found a recipe for horchata I was flabbergasted that it contains no milk and that you grind up rice.

My way is much simpler!

Miranda said...

Fixed the links. Thanks for the heads up Ben.

noisy penguin said...

Send me some cupcakes and no one gets hurt.

And thanks for the shout out about PenguinBot! =)

Anonymous said...

I love that you are so motivated. It inspires me. (I just wish I could turn that into action!) Love ya!

Denise said...

Shouldn't have looked at this one on Fast Sunday. . . . I don't even know what horchata is, and I want some NOW!

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