17 September 2008

3 Things I Love...3 Things I Want.

Three Things I Love...

I absolutely adore these shoes that I got at Target. My sister-in-law has them in mustard yellow *sigh* so as soon as I got home from visiting her I raced into Target to buy my own pair. Amazingly, they're actually comfortable! I was fully prepared to pay for their beauty with pain but luckily I don't have to!

When I had Z-cakes, I had that fear of looking like I had "let myself go." (ha!) If I was going to look 'un-let-go' I was going to have to step it up a notch from where I was pre-baby! I decided to start with wearing earrings everyday...or at least everyday that I remembered. I got these earrings at a boutique in Burley. They are by Silver Forest and I want to wear them everyday! They're so light and pretty and they make a sweet tinkling sound in my ear. It was so hard to choose which ones I wanted too...I loved so many of them!

When we decided to spend a week in Oceanside, CA visiting family, I knew I needed a new swimsuit. The lovely people at Modbe have designed some fantastic suits for those of us that are not so into showing our stomachs and may need a little toning post-baby. I was so excited to put this suit on every time we went to the beach.

Three Things I Want*...

Z-cakes and I were browsing around Sur La Table the other day and we happened upon these lovelies. How cute are they right? I've been working on getting the dishes washed every night before bed. I wonder if these would make me actually WANT to do the dishes? You're right...of course not. But still, I see they come in black polka-dot...ouh! and lace!

I am sooooo happy that April will be having a Shade party next month because this 3/4 sleeve cardigan must be owned by me.

Okay, since I can't wear my Silver Forest earrings everyday I need more earrings right? Have you seen Lost Button Studio on Etsy? I love all of her jewelry and again, would have a hard time picking out exactly what I want. I'm digging these vintage glass beads quite a bit.

Tell me about some things that you love...or want...or both!

*this is in no way a solicitation for gifts...just what I'm thinking about while I'm washing dishes...without really cute oilcloth gloves.


Serin said...

LOL I may be sporting some of those shoes on Sunday - they are cute!

Actually, everything you posted is cute. :p Isn't it your birthday soon? (or did it just pass?)

Simon and Sara said...

Hmmmm...now you have made me add 6 things to MY "things I want" list! Such cute stuff! :)

Spencer and Kimberlee said...

I want Miranda's pesto recipe!

Spencer and Kimberlee said...

No seriously Mandy...will you send me that recipe?

Denise said...

I love your Target shoes! I want a pair of those polka-dotted rubber gloves, and one can never have too many pairs of earrings. Glad to hear that April is having a Shade party; I saw that cardigan in the Shade store at University Mall in Orem and knew I wanted one, too!

The other item on my Want List is a pair of red patent leather Dansko clogs (most comfortable shoes known to man) in a Mary Jane style. A bit expensive, but oh-so worth it!

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