01 October 2008

Baking Month! (Week 1, Thing 1)

Yes Baking Month is already here!

First of all, I have to say that I was serious when I said I needed ideas for things to bake. I know there are at least a few people that read this blog and I haven't gotten any suggestions from anyone except Rachel. (by the way, thanks Rachel and thanks for the confirmation, Ben) So anyway, leave me some comments for what I should bake. If you live near me you can even use Rachel's idea:

Rachel needed some Big Soft Ginger cookies made for school but, since she is *IN* school, she doesn't have a ton of time. She decided to outsource the baking to me! Lovely! Not only does she not have to worry about baking anything, but I get to practice baking without worrying about having two dozen cookies lying around the house. Win Win!

So here's how they came out. Rachel said it was a great recipe and I must say the cookies were delicious. However, they were flat. Very...very flat. I didn't see anything about absolute flatness in the name or description of the cookies. I asked Rachel if hers were usually flat...ummm no. Let's see, and now I'm looking at the picture posted on allreciepies(dot)com and nuh-uh. Not flat. So I'm not going to count this as a complete success even though they were both big and soft as the description entails. Any ideas why my cookies are like pancakes? Do I need new baking soda? Anybody? Anyone?


Serin said...

I'm no help with the flatness, but I do know that my husband would love you forever (in a totally appropriate way, of course) if you found a recipe for soft white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. ;)

Staci Hill said...

I have a choc chip recipe that never takes the same amount of flour. Play with that a bit.

Does deep frying count as baking? How about fried pies?!

Have you tried to replicate Grandma/your mom's cinnamon rolls? I gave up on the roll part - I buy frozen premade ones from Provo School District. My mom still hand beats the frosting. I found that my Kitchenaid does a much quicker job...

Do a shepherd's pie or pot pie.

catherine said...

I'm really wishing I lived in Denver right now so I could partake in the bakefest :)

If you're still looking for ideas, two of my favorite cooking blogs are


Spencer and Kimberlee said...

Flat or not they look dang good and are making me with I lived in the Denver area.

Jaime said...

I actually did a project for my statistics class that statistically proved that chilling your cookie dough=fatter cookies. :) That and more flour, but more flour can also=hard cookies so beware.

So, what to bake in the month of October huh? FALL FOOD of course!

1. Apple pie. I just made the most delectable apple pie EVER--apples from the farmer's market (1/2 honey crisp, 1/2 granny smith)and a crumb topping. delic.

2. Try that apple bollen recipe on my healthy dessert blog--also delic.

3. Zuc bread! I have a recipe with a bit of chocolate in it--wonderful!

4. Also with the fall theme, might I suggest pumpkin cookies or pumpkin muffins. My sister in law makes a mean pumpkin roll (the kind you roll up like a jelly roll), but I have not yet attempted such a feat.

Keep us posted on your progress. I'm thinking I need a baking month too.... Sounds like fun.

April said...

Cinnnamon Rolls. I have being meaning to make them since I was about 4 months pregnant with Adam, still no homemake cinnamon rolls around here. (Except for the ones Charlotte brought over.) So I vote, we make them together in honor of Baking month.

BTW, my cookies are always flat. I think it is a combination of a bit more flour then the recipe calls and new-er baking soda. I don't really know though.

noisy penguin said...

I'm making these this weekend. I'll let you know if you should try them out.

You should also look at this blog - I love everything I've made of hers, she's where I found the recipe for white chocolate pumpkin muffins. I want to try her snickerdoodle muffin recipe! Culinary Concoctions by Peabody

nina said...

I have a recipe for Macadamia nut cookies. It is actually a peanut cookie recipe and you substitue macadamia nuts for the peanuts and then add the white chocolate chips. You can do the same with a good reg. chocolate chip cookie recipe just add chopped mac nuts and white chocolate chips. That works really well. Cinnamon rolls are good fall food. We can practice that when I come the end of the month along with the homemade frosting. Happened upon a little trick when one batch was failing badly! I will be in practice since I have to make a bunch for the casino fund raising night at Wheels. Also try the dinner in a pumpkin but make sure you mark the face on the pumpkin before you bake it!

Denise said...

Who says flat cookies are bad? I reather like them, and I want to try this recipe!

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