30 October 2008

Is she even baking anymore?

Oh you bet I am. I've got some pumpkin gingerbread in the oven right now. Come over at midnight and have some with me and N8tr0n!

So why hasn't she been blogging?

Here's the thing. My Z-cakes is getting four (count 'em ONE, TWO, THREE FOUR) of her top teeth in. So with the baking and the nursing and the holding and the Motrin-ing and the crying (Z-cakes crying, not me...okay sometimes me) there's not a lot of time in my day for blogging. But don't you worry...it's on the way. You're going to have so many delicious recipes at your disposal, you're going to need your own baking month.

Until then.


noisy penguin said...

I'll be over in 20 minutes. I made pumpkin cookies, we can have an exchange.

Gail said...

Think you could both swing by my house with any left-overs? Both sound delicious, and of course I'd love to see you!!

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