12 October 2008


Helloooooo. Have you tried needle felting yet?

I can't believe I hadn't done it until now. Yesterday, Rachel, Amanda and I made a pilgrimage to Fancy Tiger in Denver and both came home with adorable felting kits. After a night giddy and high on craft...I am the owner of this lovely little owl. N8tron helped with the eyes and nose shaping too!

It was so easy. Like, confusingly easy. I have a feeling that when I move on to making things with legs and shapes other than a ball, it might be a little more difficult...but I can't wait. It's possible my floor will soon be covered with little felt things.

P.S. You should check out Rachel's blog for pictures of her equally adorable Robin!


Serin said...

Adorable! I love how you put him (her?) in a tree to take pictures! lol

Jaime said...

um, I'm impressed. that is stinkin' adorable.

paws said...

Very cute. Did you have to knit it and then felt it? I've yet to felt anything I've knitted, but I'm interested in expanding my knitting repertoire that way. (I'm Serin's sister, btw...)

Denise said...

That is way too cute! He looks quite at home in that tree.

Jen said...

Ooohh, what a cute wittle owl.

nina said...

He is very cute but where are the cookies you told me about?

Kali Jo said...

yes, i have a vinyl cutter, it is a MH721 modle and it was around $300. It will cut up to 15" wide and however long you want. I got it on ebay., Before you purchase one though, call me and i'll tell you what to look for. you will definetly want to hear what i have to tell you. E-mail me at Regal@regalshuttle.com and i'll give you my number or send me yours.
can't wait to visit with you!
Kali Jo

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