08 December 2008

Needing Some Encouragement

The only recurring dream I had while I was pregnant was "going for a run." The dream was generally the same. I would decide that I felt like running and just take off regardless of what I was wearing or where I was. It felt so wonderful to be running and not get out of breath but still feel like my body was doing some work. Then I would wake up and be sad because I would get a little winded trying to roll out of bed.

Well, last night I had the running dream again. This means one of two things: either I'm pregnant or I've been sedentary a tad too long.

I'm not pregnant.

I've been wanting to get back to running for a few months now. I've even started and stopped a couple of different times. I'm really having a hard time getting into a routine and now I'm concerned that with the Winter weather coming I'll never get started again. I also can't seem to find a comfortable way to do high impact exercise while being a nursing mama (suggestions Erica and Jaime?)

And of course, I'm always thinking about the "essential" things that I just don't have in order to be a successful runner. (Some of you may call these "excuses" and you're entitled to your opinion.) So, as is my passion, I've compiled a list of the three things I dream about in order to get me back on the pavement.

As you may know, shoes are a fairly crucial requirement when you want to run. Besides being worn out in general, my old running shoes seem to hurt my feet since having Z-cakes. My guess would be that my feet changed after having said baby. Oouhh...wouldn't it be lovely to have one of those professional shoe fittings that they do at the Runner's Roost? Then I could pretend to be a real runner in front of people who have actually run multiple races.

Oh B.O.B. stroller, how I covet thee. Why must you cost so blasted much? Since I'm not much of a morning person (severe understatement) I end up taking Z-cakes with me most of the time when I exercise. My current jogging stroller--which I got for free so I really shouldn't be complaining about--pulls slightly to the left and doesn't have a swiveling front wheel. I dream about being able to turn corners without popping a wheely or you know...running in a straight line. Of course this stroller would have to come with one of those covers because Denver can be one cold mother and Z-cakes shouldn't have to suffer because of my vanity.

Speaking of being cold, I don't have any good clothes for running in the cold. I get the whole layering thing, but if all you have to layer is T-shirts, then I think there would still be something lacking. This girl looks happy to be running in what she is wearing. I bet I would be happy wearing that too. And a better runner.

So that's it! All of the things that I neeeeeeed to get back in to running. Also, your words of encouragement would probably help...and would keep me from taking out a loan. I'll let you know if it actually works.

Photos via REI & Athleta


noisy penguin said...

I haven't done much (well...any) high impact exercise for over a year, but I've always been large-chested, which can make running painful. I have the Frog Bra from Title 9 and it helps. A LOT. I don't know if that helps at all, since it's not a nursing sports bra or anything (does such a thing even exist?), but I have two sports bras and the other one is crap compared to this one.

Also, when I was good about exercising, many moons ago, I used to schedule like 6 or 7 times a week when I'd be able to do it, and then inevitably 2 or 3 of those time slots would get eaten up by something else, but then I'd still have 4-5 times where I did something per week.

You can do it! Go Miranda go!

Serin said...

Ummm, I have advice, but GOOD luck!

Anonymous said...

A great sports bra is a must. It must have lots of support...seriously. Also, I ran with underarmor that day because it was sooooo cold, and that also helped to hold me in. I'm pretty sure they have sleeveless versions. I've been doing some aerobics (DVDs) much more than running (because I can do those at home with the kids.) I recommend the FIRM because it incorporates weights (as you know) and I love Turbo Jam for a fun, cardio workout. You're going to be awesome. The only thing I can say is it's all mental, and most days it's still a struggle. I haven't mastered the mentality myself. :) Love ya!

Jason & Makenna said...

I've done Turbo Jam too and it is pretty fun even if Jason laughs at me while I do it. I asked for new running shoes for Christmas with high hopes of running after this next one comes and Jason asked, "Since when do you run?" I feel your pain. Good luck and I hope to be joining you in May! I have a blog you might like. One of our friends we met in Boston. www.morganmoore.typepad.com

Jessica said...

Ok, so I am thrilled you want to run. I love to run! I am not fast or terribly good but I love the way it makes my body feel. When I move, which is in 9 days-Yowza, so much to do- I would love a running partner. We should run together. I am so sad that I will be leaving my current running partner Carlee, yesterday we had our last run together and said our goodbyes, it was sad.
Oh yeah I am bumbed, we wont be in your ward.

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