07 December 2008

Cupcakes for hire

My lovely friend Sarah asked me to make cupcakes for her big Christmas bash. I was so flattered! Here is the end result.

Sarah's decorations were silver and red so I decided to make Red Velvet Cake which I had never made before. I thoroughly enjoyed the blood color of the batter and didn't mind that much when my kitchen ended up looking like a slaughter house. (Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little.) The frosting is a cream cheese frosting because really, what goes better? Also, I just realized that the cupcakes I took to the party had silver paper so they matched perfectly...sorry you don't get to see that.

I decided to get all fancy schmancy with the decorations and made fondant stars. I had a wonderful time coloring the fondant even though it again left my kitchen in a bloody shambles. The only down side was that the stars were dis-gus-ting. I mean gross. I know fondant isn't supposed to taste good anyway but I thought this was extra bad.

I also had a little trouble getting the cream cheese frosting to do what I wanted. For some reason I look at beautiful pictures of cupcakes and say to myself, oh...I can do that easy. Then I remember that I don't actually have any decent piping tips and that I'm going to be cutting a hole in a Ziploc bag which pretty much leaves me with one option. Despite that, my one option turned out nicely I think...as long as nobody ate the star.

Also, I'm not really ever going to make cupcakes for money. I'm pretty sure my husband would leave me and my baby would be taken away by the state if I did this for a living. I tend to fly off the handle when things don't go quite my way. Actually, it's something that runs in my family called a [insert maiden name here] Fit. It involves throwing...and swearing (and this time I'm not exaggerating). No, I don't think I should bake for a living.

**Many thanks to N8tr0n for his hand modeling skills.


Gail said...

Now I get it.....why Nate made a comment about having to go to a craft store to get a "food" item - fondant. Red food coloring is notorious for being very bitter if you use enough to actually make something red instead of just pink

Gail said...

Oh, and of course meant to say they look wonderful!!

Spencer and Kimberlee said...

Perdy little things they are! You did a great job. And Nate, way to go on the hand modeling.

Denise said...

That is a seriously cute cupcake, making me sad yet again that I was out of town for Sarah's party and had to miss it.

You need to check out my niece's recipe blog: http://recipeschezmoi.blogspot.com/. She has some good things to share, including many family favorites.

michelle said...

Darling cupcakes! I too have decided that baking for hire would most likely destroy my love of it... too stressful.

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