01 January 2009

Is It Time for This Again?

Happy 2009 y'all.

As I'm sure every single one of you are saying...I can't believe it's the beginning of another year! If you take one step into the blogosphere this evening, it looks like it's time to post your New Years Resolutions however daunting and unattainable they may be. I must say I enjoyed my dear friend Neve's post the best. You should check it out. Very motivating.

I generally try to make goals for myself that are challenging but also attainable (like the good speech therapist I am). So this year, I've decided to write three goals every month to focus on. Of course, goals can carry over from month to month if I find that to be necessary; and, I'm hoping a few of these "resolutions" will also just become habits. We'll see.


1. Exercise at least 3 times per week. (at least 30 min. of cardio or strength training per day)
Oh my gosh. I know I KNOW this is such a cliched goal, but it has to be done. It has been over 10 months since Z-cakes was born and I have got to take some control back. I know I can do this because I've done it before so at least that is encouraging.

2. Read scriptures or Church publication at least 3 times per week. (at least 10 min. of reading with pen and paper/highlighter in hand.
Crap. Now you all know I don't read my scriptures. Meh.

3. Make at least one scrapbook page per week.
Oh please let me be able to make more than that.

There it is folks! Isn't it so EXCITING? I know, not really.

Well, just because I love you, here's a list of frivolous goals I have for this year. Hopefully you will enjoy reading them more:

Learn to take beautiful still photos and decent family portraits
Learn some blog design
Sew a complete outfit for Z-cakes
Run a half marathon
Learn how to wear some freakin' makeup
Go an entire month without eating out
Make dinner rolls

What are your New Year's Resolutions? For real! I actually want to know!



Denise said...

An impressive list of goals, for sure. Regular exercise and scripture study is also on my list. Again. We can do it!

Staci Hill said...

All right here are my top 3 goals:

1. Try to keep up with Mandy's random goals (make dinner rolls? Not eat out for 1 MONTH? Run? That's a lot to try to keep up with!)

2. Make monthly contact with my cousins/family - not necessarily through blog posts and emails.

3. 5 miles 3 times/week, walking at least 2 of these at 4.6 miles/hr. (How's that for specific?)

Jason & Makenna said...

I think I am boycotting goals this year. Seriously. But I do believe you picked rather good ones. :) Hey, found a site you should get labels made for all your cool crafts you keep making. Then everyone knows you actually made them which of course makes them like 10 million times better. www.lusciouslabels.com BTW loved your cards. Beautiful. Adorable.

Spencer and Kimberlee said...

None made yet! But I have to say that it's better than last year in which I had made them, but by January 2nd had already failed to keep them.

Jaime said...

First of all, the camera:
We got a a Canon Rebel xsi with a 18-55 lens. LOVE IT! you inspired me this summer. :)
Goals? Pretty much like yours. I've been all organized about it: Physical (cardio, strength, flexibility each 2x a week), Spiritual (scripture study 1st 10 min of Ashtyn's nap, try some meditation), Personal (work on my optimism and being more relaxed), Family (PLANNED consistent FHE and date nights).

_ said...

Wow, Look at you. no, wait look at you in 6 months after tyou run and do all that excersize. That will be awesome. I also have weight loss goals but I am less specific.
1. lose at least 20 lbs before i get pregnant again. (that sould be hard since it is usually less than a year between pregnancies.
2. Get a receptionist to take over the phones and scheduling of the business so I can be mom for more hours a day.
3. potty train Lincoln. (we are almost there!!
4. Potty train sari this year (three kids in diapers is no fun!!

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