02 July 2009

I keep forgetting...

To tell you that I was a guest blogger on Cakespy!

Remember when I mentioned the Denver Cupcake Tour that I took my sister-in-law and Rachel on? Well, we wrote up reviews of all of the shops we went to and Cakespy was sweet enough (pun intended) to post it for us! You can check it out here. You should be warned...it would be best to have some cupcakes on hand, or a game plan for getting cupcakes quickly because you're going to be craving them when you finish reading this.

Also, be sure to check out the flickr set of our pictures. It has a few more pictures of delicious cupcakes and of course, more pictures of my Z-cakes.

Incidentally, the cupcake shops in Denver are spread out so perfectly that one might assume they were meant to be visited successively. Keep that in mind when you come visit.



emily said...

Congrats on the guest post! I loved your reviews and all the pictures. Your frosting sandwich is a genius idea as well. You are a culinary inspiration!

michelle said...

I just can't read that right now. I have no access to cupcakes at this moment, and I can't handle the temptation. I want to go on that tour!

Miranda said...

Michelle, come to Denver and we'll go! We can bring all of the Wood girls along too!

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