08 July 2009

My Great-Aunt used to yell at the T.V. too...

So...you watch So You Think You Can Dance right? You don't, really? Have you really watched it? Do you have a friend who has it on DVR so you can give it another try? Because it's great. Loads of fun. Best thing to do on a summer Wednesday/Thursday night. Well, I guess if you don't watch it you can be done reading this post because it will make no sense...okay quit reading now.


I watch this show called So You Think You Can Dance (cool people refer to it as SYTYCD). I usually watch it with my good friend Rachel and her sister Amanda. We have a great time validating each others' opinions, scoffing at the judges, and complaining about costumes and Tyce Diorio. However, for the last couple of weeks I have been unable to watch the show with these two great girls and I have missed them. I try to keep my commentary in my head because N8tr0n only gives me blank stares when I try to talk to him about what is going on, but sometimes it's just too much. I end up yelling things at the TV (and then pretend that I'm just trying to "speak loudly" to N8tr0n, though he knows that I'm actually crazy, I mean, only old people yell at the TV right). Here's the short list of what may or may not have been blurted at my TV while watching the show tonight...

A. Brandon and Jeanette are my favorite couple. That was the best non-professional Argentine Tango I've ever seen. Dude! The judges agree with me! Yeah, Jeanette is like, way sexy when she dances (thinking of the disco, cha cha...)

B. Of course Mary says "EXpecially." Why wouldn't she?

C. Dude, what is it with Broadway? Why are none of the dancers getting it? Have we seen a Broadway number yet this season that the dancers have connected with?

D. Okay I know I'm not Tyce's #1 fan so I'm trying not to be bias...BUT...he acted like he was giving all of the couples "constructive criticism" but he never actually completed a coherent thought. I think he told at least one dancer from every couple to "find more," "get there," "find IT." What does that mean exactly? "Take the floor on your journey"...wha?

E. Crap, I think teddy bear face dude and gymnast girl might be going home.

F. Awww! Pasha and Ania!

G. Aww crap. I think Evan and Randi might be going home.

H. Aww crap. Why did Phillip and girl whose NAME I CAN'T REMEMBER BECAUSE I DON'T LIKE HER pull a sexy number that she got to dance with her boobs practically falling out? Now everyone is going to vote for them and they'll be in the top ten when they should have been gone a long time ago. (except guys don't actually vote on this show so maybe the boobs don't make a difference...still).

I. Yep, Brandon and Jeanette are my favorite.

J. Did she just...no...yep...Mary said "stoled." come on.

Okay, so now you know that I'm a little bit crazy when it comes to the one show that I make a point of watching during the summer. (I suppose Burn Notice counts too although I probably wouldn't be as loyal if all of my friends weren't watching it). What did you yell at your TV tonight while you were watching SYTYCD?



Nate said...

Alas... this is what my wife has become. All I know about the show is that I want to leave the room any time Mary opens her oversized mouth.

siberianluck said...

I actually would like this show if it was on a DVR and I had the remote. (it would be Dances Only)

Jason & Makenna said...

We love this show. Yep. Jason is a sucker for it too. I couldn't agree more with EVERYTHING you said. I wanted to cry when Jeanette left last week. Tyce is ridiculous...Mary is obnoxious, but the fantastic dancing makes suffering through the two of them worth it.

Anonymous said...

Oh...you so need to be watching SYTYCD at our house. We all yell at the TV. We being me, Scott and my dear friend Michelle. It's one of our faves. I can identify my friend...

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