31 August 2009

Summer isn't over yet. (a dessert)

I'm noticing that the waxing and waning of summer is in direct correlation with the amount of grilling that I do. I'm sure it's the same for you? Late Spring you will find me popping out to the grill once a week or so. Then, as the days get warmer...and then hotter...I begin concocting schemes to cook EVERYTHING on the grill. Maybe I'll boil this water on the grill. Grilled cheese sandwiches? Put 'em on the grill! Then one day I realize that I haven't grilled for an entire week! The house is cooler and I don't mind cooking inside. The grill only gets fired up for the occasional corn on the cob or hamburger.

Now the internet, the TV, and the grocery stores are begging me to welcome Fall and brush Summer aside and I'm just not ready. Don't get me wrong. I adore Fall. I can guarantee that in October I won't be shutting up about how wonderful the trees and pumpkins, and cider, and blah blah blah are but right now: Summer. Still here. I made this dessert on the grill to prove it.

Grilled Pina Coladas

April made this fantastic dessert for cooking club last month. It is so easy and delicious and can be made with or without a grill (though I'm sure you could guess my preference). And so...while there are still a few warm days, while pineapples are $1 at King Soopers, and while you still have a little gas in your propane tank, make this dessert.

Summer Isn't Over Yet Pina Coladas
Grill lighty oiled pineapple rings on direct medium heat for 8-10 minutes turning once.

Optional: Grill banana cut in half with peel still on it. Grill cut side down on direct medium heat for 2-4 minutes

Top with: Scoop vanilla ice cream, toasted coconut, and caramel.



Serin said...

You know, I have pineapple, and coconut, maybe even caramel. I should buy some ice cream before the pineapple goes bad. And I think that would totally count as breakfast or lunch ;)

michelle said...

Yes, I want that! It looks fabulous, and I can't resist anything with coconut.

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