01 September 2009

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit!

Do any of you say Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit at the beginning of a new month? It's something I learned from my MIL and though I thought it was pretty strange at first, now I'm scared of the horrible things that may happen during the month if I don't say it. Like running out of Nutella or something.

(opens new tab to check Wikipedia)
Okay well I just checked Wikipedia like I know all of you were thinking about doing and found this. Apparently the Walker family has been saying it wrong!? Myself included! Crap. Now what?


I was just noticing that if you take a look at my posts for the last month you might notice a lot of food posts. Not that I that's a bad thing, most days I'm just happy to be posting SOMETHING. Nevertheless, that is about to change. This evening I'm posting the first of a two-part post about something I've been wanting to write about for at least a year. It's taken me some time to get up the nerve to both write and post it, but I'm feeling confident that now is the time. I hope you enjoy it.

And then I'll get back to the food.

P.S. After having read further through the wiki article...saying rabbit thrice is also acceptable. Whew.



Serin said...

LOL I have never heard of that!

Now I'm REALLY curious to see what tonight's post is about!

michelle said...

I had no idea.

And you have certainly piqued my curiosity!

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