15 September 2009

Three Things: Making Me Happy Today

Reading Corner
Colorful handmade gifts.

Quilt: Made by my grandmother for my dolls.
Doll: Made by Z-cakes' GrammaG
Pillow: Made by friend Neve for Z-cakes

New Towels
New dishtowels

Goodbye dishtowels that I have been using since college.

Green Flowers
Green flowers

A thoughtful gift from my friend Sarah.

What is making you happy today?



michelle said...

Is the doll quilt stitched by hand?? Wow. All of those colors are so happy.

What is making me happy today? It's a little early to tell, but I will say... a cloudy sky (so I know it won't be too hot), and French red grape juice, yum.

Staci said...

A beautiful blue sky, French Kiss Scentsy, Griff's handprint on my window, and Colbie Caillat on my mp3 player.

A 'n D said...

pleeeeeeease share where your dishcloths are from!!!

i'm happy today b/c i love late/indian summer & the weather and produce available are to.die.for.

peaches or beefsteak tomatoes anyone?

Miranda said...

mmm...peaches and tomatoes. yes please! The towels are from Costco.

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