20 September 2009

While You're Waiting

Well hello there!

I've just returned home from an invigorating vacation to beautiful Bear Lake where I relaxed with friends and NOM NOMED on these little thighs for days on end.

Bear Lake

Oh except we didn't return home so much as we drove another three hours northeast so that we could visit my family in Idaho for a few days. We're suckers for family visits and free food...and it was only three hours away! When we got here I almost threw an outright hissy fit over the fact that we didn't have the correct cord to connect my camera to my mom's computer. Fortunately for everyone I found one quickly and am now uploading some sweet pics from the trip that will very soon be making all of you jealous.

In the meantime...I'll be whittling down my too-full Google Reader. Here's a few of my favorite posts that I thought you would enjoy too...

:: Hannah over at Sherbet Blossom posted this fantastic tip for Google Reader! I don't know why somebody didn't tell me about this sooner.

:: My nephew Mr. Poop is a-freakin-dorable no? Also, he provides valuable life lessons to those who visit his blog.

:: I really REALLY want to make this. This is the same blog where I got the recipe for the Black Bean Salad so I have faith that this dish will rock.

Aaaand I'm off to bed.
Vacationing is rough.
As I'm sure you can imagine.



michelle said...

Those thighs are irresistible. Would that chunky thighs could remain so later in life...

siberianluck said...

that google reader tip is incredible!

Brian and I were just wishing for something like that too!

Kimberlee said...

I will absolutely be trying out that google reader tip. Thanks for sharing.

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