01 October 2009

This and That: October!

Happy October 1st everyone!

***I slept in today and it was glorious. N8tr0n brought Z-cakes in to bed for a little "family play time." AKA: bringing baby back to bed so that I can nab some of the warmth from my sheets for a little longer and put off those mundane parental duties such as oh, you know, keeping my child fed. As she gets older she wants to go play and eat instead of laying in bed with us. It's like she knows that we're slacking off. I let her wander around the house for a couple of minutes and when I finally got up I found her on the couch munching on Jalapeno Doritos. Perhaps the spicy food I ate during my entire pregnancy had more of an effect than I thought?

***It recently occurred to me that Z-cakes is big enough to play outside by herself for a while. The yard is fenced in, there is a window that I can watch her from, and I can leave the door open. For three days now Z-cakes has played outside for an hour at least in the afternoon. I almost didn't know what to do with myself. ALMOST. The first day I checked on her approximately every 30 seconds. But by today it was as if this was part of our routine. Z-cakes loves being outside so much and it makes my day so much more pleasant to NOT have a bored and crying toddler following me around the house. On a similar note, I only had to pull one piece of dog food out of her mouth yesterday.

***I'm so excited to get started on Fall crafts. I'm thinking a Halloween-ish garland from fabric that my mother "donated" to me. Maybe some napkins out of the same fabric? I'm also gearing up to make some of the fun projects that Blair Wise Craft thought up. Aren't people crazy creative? I'm so happy that I have the internet so that I can copy a wider array of people. I also dug out all of our Halloween decorations from the dusty corners of our basement. They are meager and few but I'm collecting more and more every year! (thanks mom) There are still a few Summer crafts that I absolutely REFUSE to store until next summer. I'll have to bear the dissonance of scrapbooking summer pictures while I snack on candy corn.

***The cool wind today made me want to knit immediately go to the yarn shop and buy gobs of yarn. I'm trying to hold off until I go to Bainbridge Island so that I can go to my favorite yarn shop in the whole big wide world. I really love knitting. We leave in two weeks. I think I can make it. Maybe. In the meantime, Z-cakes pulled all of the needles out of a Meathead hat that I was knitting for a friend (it was on hold from last winter...because I put crafts on hold when their season ends). She stood there handing me the needles and looked at me with that "problem solved" face that I think I give N8tr0n sometimes.

***Here's one of my favorite pictures that I took while staying at the cabin in Bear Lake. I was quite taken with the kitsch of the place.


***Finally pictures of our trips to Bear Lake and Idaho on Flickr. These are straight out of the camera dudes. Way too many pictures for little old me to edit. Enjoy



In case you need proof about the whole "only eats half the apples" thing.

***I hope you had a good October 1st too!



eaumaison said...

Your pictures are amazing! Thank you for taking all the pictures that I wish I had taken, but somehow didn't manage to click the camera on it during the trip. Like the kitschy details in the cabin and the flowers at the beach house.

Staci said...

Please don't tell me that those are Macs! You wouldn't belive the trouble I go through to get that variety of apple. People think I'm crazy until they taste my applesauce...

michelle said...

Oh, man. I want to go to your favorite yarn store in the whole world, too!!

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