29 October 2009

Seasonal Dissonance

It looks like this in my back yard:


But today I went shopping ran around town like a crazy person putting together a Halloween costume for Z-cakes.

That confused my brain.

And NO I don't have Z-cakes' costume worked out yet because oh my gosh you guys I considered for one minute not even dressing her up this year which I'm pretty sure would secure my title of worst mom ever for not putting my adorable toddler in some equally adorable costume but don't worry because I've got it all worked out and I can keep on being an adequate mother. Whew.

She's going to be a chicken. She's practicing saying 'bok bok'.

Anyway, about the snow. I actually love Denver's crazy weather patterns. It makes small talk about weather actually worth taking part in sometimes. Sometimes.

To continue on with my celebration of October AND the snow, I made these for brunch* yesterday:


I saw these for the first time here. About two sentences in to Rachel's description of the waffles I had made up my mind that I would be making them. When she said it was a recipe from Deb, I basically triple-dog stamped the decision in my head. Yet another brilliant decision to add to my list.

I had to laugh at myself for following the recipe when it said to warm the oven in order to keep the waffles crispy and warm. I forget that in this waffle eating family, there is no need to keep extra waffles warm; we eat them as they come, hot off the grill. We've actually worked out a nice rotating system of sitting down to eat, standing up to grab another, and re-loading for the next in line. A waffle waltz if you will. When we make waffles for company, I whip out all three waffle irons. Yes I have three. And it's awesome to have three waffle irons so there. I even wish I had four. I actually dream of one of the gigantic ones like Rachel has in her pictures. Am thinking I should look for one in thrift stores....or mother-in-law's closet. Hmmm...

Anyway, about the waffles. Delicious of course. Heavenly aroma of course. Like I'd share it with you if it was anything but. We whipped up some leftover whip cream (why do I always seem to have cream in my fridge these days?) and gave some in a little cup to our favorite little dipper.


Z-cakes calls them awfuls. And I'm fairly sure she won't eat them without "dip" ever again.

*brunch is code for, we were all too lazy to actually get going and eat anything for breakfast and now it is almost time for lunch.



Travelin'Oma said...

The snow is beautiful, but it seems way early. Wearing snowsuits over Halloween costumes is not fun!

Dianne Avery said...

LOL! We say the same thing here. Brunch is just a nicer way to say we are to dang lazy to get moving any earlier. :-)

Emmylou said...

i totally need 4 waffle irons you lucky girl

nina said...

Wooh! I had better get that snow suit sent today

April said...

waffle waltz...I love it. I'm still laughing.

michelle said...

Brunch looks delicious! I discovered we have a waffle iron in our apartment, but I have been too lazy to make any, especially since the Belgian ones we buy at the store are so dang good. (Last time we were here, I bought pearl sugar and tried to make them using the recipe on the box, and it was a complete flop. Nearly ruined my waffle iron, too...)

Kimberlee said...

(((shiver))) Brrr!

Emmylou said...

made the waffles for our party this weekend... huge hit...everybody wanted more...too bad there were none left to freeze...guess i'll have to make more :)

Greeneyes said...

Oooh, aaah...I love the sound of awful waffles.

Rachel said...

Yum! So glad they worked well for you too! Deb is such a great resource.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Can I say your daughter is gorgeous? I didn't think you'd mind.

I have always loved waffles. or awfuls. But they're not awful at all. Silly baby. I bet if I had pumpkin waffles with pumpkin butter I'd be set for an entire day. Full & content.


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