27 October 2009

From the chair by the window...

We have a giant recliner/rocker that sits next to the window in our living room. It belonged to N8tr0n's parents. Then his brother and sister-in-law. Now us. I believe the color could be described as gold. It was once gold. Like, 70s gold, you know? It is really comfortable. When Z-cakes went down for her nap, I practically ran to it. I felt like I needed to escape and for some reason that chair + a blanket felt as far away as anywhere else. Here's what I saw from my chair:


It feels so good to be knitting again. For some reason knitting is a very seasonal thing for me and last fall/winter I hardly did any at all. I started craving it much earlier this year and have had the urge to carry it with me everywhere. Last Friday I spent Z-cakes' entire nap browsing Ravelry (a must for all of you knitters out there) when what I really wanted to do was take a nap, so I counted my time spent marking favorites as productivity. The project you see in my lap is this scarf. I bought the pattern from Churchmouse while we were on Bainbridge. I think it will be the perfect ruffly accent. Stylish and not too overpowering. I'm taking my time with this one, and trying to enjoy every minute of it. The yarn feels so soft in my fingers and the stitches are easy and repetitive. I think I'm subconsciously using knitting to ward off the weepies that I fear are creeping into my system again.


These are the books that my sister-in-law got me for my birthday. Yes...I have a very sweet sister-in-law indeed. How did she choose the exact books that I would be the most excited to receive off of my wish list? First of all, I pretty much want to be Amanda Soule. Second of all...just look at the cover of The Joy of Jams and Jellies, I mean...come on. Am going to have to start brainstorming Christmas gifts for her with more vigor. She is one of my favorite people to shop for.


I picked up these two books at the library yesterday. I just love the library. I can't begin to guess how much money I've saved checking out books instead of buying them. And I've told you about how I like to check out cookbooks from the library right? I try to make as many recipes from them as I can so that I can decide whether or not I want to buy them. Sometimes I like to take said cookbooks and place them on hot burners on my stove...but that is rare. Of course I love to purchase the occasional new book...new page smell and blah blah blah...but saving money is pretty crucial for us right now. Like, we need to save money so that we can buy our pumpkins from patches.

I checked out Eat This Not That! mostly because all the cool kids were reading it. I'm enjoying it so far...it's like a giant magazine. The Martha Stewart book is one that I've had my eye on at Costco for quite some time. This is one mammoth book about taking care of your house in prose that only our dear Martha could stamp her name upon. Am looking for some help with my home cleaning routine crazy mess of a house. I'm having a hard time actually carrying out weekly chores like laundry, daily chores like dishes, and hourly chores like picking up whatever it was I just put down. Am hoping to get back into a routine. Wishing that when I returned home from vacation it wouldn't take me the same amount of days I spent on vacation to get back to living. That can't be normal.


N8tr0n got me these shoes for my birthday. They're TOMS. I love them.

That's what I saw today from my chair by the window. It's snowing outside right now so chances are that I'll be seeing many of the same things tomorrow. It's highly likely that I'll be adding a cup of this to the mix...and wishing I owned one of these so my arms could stay warm while I knit. Feel free to join me.



Laurel said...

What kind of yarn are you using for the scarf? It looks very much like the yarn I bought (two years ago) to make Zayley a blanket (and then never made it).

Also, I'm glad you like the books! I'm looking forward to jam in January. Unless that's not possible because all the fruit will be frozen.

Serin said...

I'm gonna have to learn how to knit. In like, 10 years ;)

You could always put Zaley's baby legs on your arms, or maybe just a SHIRT ;)

steve said...

I love reading books written by lying, cheating, convicted felons too.

charlotte said...

I have always needed a vacation after a vacation. I know exactly what you mean!

Staci said...

The view from my window is similar, except I'm on a couch and have cross-stitch in my hands.

I don't care that Martha is a convicted felon. I love reading her spin on things.

And Laurel - I freeze fruit specifically so that I can make jam in the middle of winter. A little freshly made apricot jam brings a bit of sunshine into my cold, dark, winter kitchen.

michelle said...

The view from your chair looks like the exact place I want to be! So cozy. I learned to knit in February and have been doing it year-round, I think I might be addicted. And I am sure I am addicted to ruffles, so your scarf looks very cute indeed.

I think it is quite normal to need a vacation after your vacation to get back to normal life. (This normalcy being derived from a scientific sample of one.)

Kimberlee said...

Breah's Grandma Glenda would be so disappointed that you are reading Martha. Because we all know how Grandma Glenda feels about Martha! :)

Greeneyes said...

Slanket. That's fun to say; it almost feels like a dirty word or a rude name.

"Those girls at work are total slankets."

As for the weepies, I feel you on that front. Hang in there, little lady. Holiday time/winter time/weepy time is a tough one, but some of us are in it with you.

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