30 September 2009

Can't blog...Getting ready for October

Tomorrow is October you guys! I'm giddy with excitment. Have I ever mentioned that October is my favorite month? For starters...it is my birthday month so, you know, duh.

So while Nate helps our friend Brian (who I believe loves October a fair amount more than I do)ring in the new October with a horror movie marathon, I am at home making October-ish desserts that you will most definitely be hearing more about later.

Until then, I have a treat for you. My friend Rachel compiled a marvelous video diary of our trip to the cabin at Bear Lake. You are going to love it. I think she's really on to something with her short clips of comings and goings throughout the trip. It is much more entertaining than the usual sometimes boring home videos. Maybe that is how I should do all of our family videos from now on. Thanks Rachel!

See you in October. Yay!



Staci said...

October nothing! Christmas is right around the corner!

Ya know - I've used a harness on my oldest son while romping through Disneyland, but I'm pretty sure I never had to do that while enjoying raspberry shakes in Bear Lake (you did go for raspberry, right?)

Z's adorable.

michelle said...

Marc and I like to have horror movie marathons in October as well!

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