07 October 2009


I've been slowly but surely getting back into the habit of running. I average about twice a week, which is good considering the fact that the girls I meet up with run three times a week. The part that is unexpected is what exactly I love about running. You may think I love the quiet hours of the morning, when the air is cold and clean, the stars are out, and yet there is light on the horizon.

But that's not it.

You may think it is the feeling I get from my feet pounding on the pavement. The sound of my breath filling and exiting my lungs. The knowledge that my body is doing an amazing thing. The sensation that comes over me (once in a while) about halfway through the run where I believe I could truly run forever. I think to myself, "this is what I do now...I run...maybe I'll just leave the car here and run home."

But that's not it.

The part I like best about running is getting home. When I get home from a run the house is still completely silent. I've left a light on for myself and unlike when I wake up, the house feels warm to me now. When I get home from my run I can take a shower that is as long and as hot as I want (please don't tell mother earth or that dude that pays our power bills). I can curl up with a blanket, some tea, and N8tr0n's laptop to: write a blog! read blogs! collect more projects! plan my day! All without feeling guilty or worrying that Z-cakes is upstairs choking on her pb&j while I sneak a quick check of my email.

You morning people are even more brilliant than I thought.

Some mornings instead of computer time I do something as productive as baking! That is what you morning people do right? Make fresh muffins for your families every morning? I spent one morning putting away the previous night's dishes and was astonished to find how much time that freed up in my morning. The day is mine! The dishes are done! With all this productivity behind me I have time to curl up with Z-cakes (though she's not much of a curler-uper) and watch a little Sesame Street because, man, that show cracks. me. up.

Here's hoping you find some unexpected joys too.

*I'm spending snippets of my day getting ready for an upcoming Cooking Panel Discussion (very excited about this) and a giveaway. Check back tomorrow for our panelists bios and a chance to win a fantastic prize!*



Sarah said...

I need to start running again. Once upon a time i loved it. Now, not so much.

Serin said...

That post almost made me want to be a morning person. Almost. Still didn't make me want to run, though ;)

siberianluck said...

How do you avoid the guild of violating the regulations at crown hill?

I'm not trying to troll - it's something I have a problem with. I would love to go to crown hill wicked early, but I can't go more than 1/2 hour before sunrise.

michelle said...

I do enjoy being awake when everyone else is asleep. It's just nearly impossible to do in the morning at my house. My kids always start to wake up earlier and earlier when I get up before them. And, although I hate getting out of bed in the morning, I do enjoy how much I can get done in those morning hours!

Anonymous said...

Good for you! You are pretty amazing, you know that.

Jaime said...

Well if that wasn't the most motivating blog post ever!!! maybe I'll wake up early tomorrow and every day from now on? Seriously, what's been stopping me? Thanks for the push. :)

Sweet Jane said...

I love to run....but haven't for the past few years since being pregnant or nursing babies! Cute blog, I love finding fun new reads!!

Greeneyes said...

Well said, lady.

I despise the 5 am running while I am doing it. It hurts. It's cold. I am crabby.

But after it's done, I feel supremely proud of myself for doing something that improves my health, gets my day started, and challenges me.

Emmylou said...

My favorite sesame street episode is the one with Brian Williams reporting about Minitis. I laugh every time and I can't watch the evening news without picturing him spinning and jumping up and down. I hope you know what I am talking about, otherwise I am going to feel very stupid!

michelle said...

p.s. We don't watch Sesame Street any more at my house, but I recorded some episodes when my little nieces were visiting. I watched the one where the magician guy from Arrested Development did a cameo -- I about died laughing.

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