04 November 2009

Guess who I met!


That's right friends. The Pioneer Woman came to Denver to sign her new cookbook and I WAS THERE! I can't believe I actually made it to be perfectly honest. It's the kind of thing that I think about going to, don't plan well enough for, and don't go to. Then I'm all pouty when everybody is posting pictures on their blogs detailing the fabulousness that I missed out on. But not this time!


I love this picture. It looks like I'm totally swooning over her; because, let's be honest here, I totally was.

I have N8tr0n to thank for my presence at this event. I was washing dishes feeling sorry for myself because I wasn't going to see PW. N8tr0n came into the kitchen and was all, "just go." Actually, he was all: You never go to these things. You think about them, and then you don't plan for them, and then you don't go. And you need to just go. Go down to the basement, print out directions, and go. Don't worry about parking. Don't worry about going alone, just go.

It's like he anticipated all of my excuses. Like he knows me. Like he's married to me. (!)

Thankfully, I didn't have to go alone. My sweet friend April decided to come with me -get this- just to hang out with me! What a great friend right? (I should note that I'm convinced she had no concept for the amount of time she was about to commit to this outing.) She also decided to buy me the cookbook for my birthday so that I didn't have to feel silly getting Ree to sign the recipe of hers that I had printed out on the computer. Because April is that kind of friend.

The story of how I procured said cookbook is somewhat miraculous. April and I did not arrive at 4:00 for the 7:30 signing like some of the more devout/responsible/crazy? fans so, by the time we got to the bookstore all the cookbooks appeared to be spoken for. April spotted what looked like a "hidden stash" behind Ree and she was determined that she would get her hands on one of those books. I had no doubt in April's ability to follow through with this plan. I pretty much had no doubt in April's ability to rip one out of some lady's hands if she needed to...that's the kind of faith I have in April. But while I was upstairs talking to Rachel (who stopped by after work and fled the insanity [plus she was hungry]) I noticed a lone book on top of a stack of newspapers. It was just sitting there. No receipt. No owner in sight. I snatched it like mom grabbing a Vtech on Black Friday...and then looked around confused. This lone book was very puzzling indeed. Why would anyone just leave it sitting there? Did it belong to that lady looking at the magazine? Did somebody already buy it and now I was stealing it? I think Rachel finally got annoyed at myconfusion and said "it looks like you found yourself a book."


Yes. Yes I had.

Tattered Cover was in no way, shape, or form prepared for the amount of people that would show up for this book signing. Check out this craziness:


This is just the small section I could capture with my camera. There were LONG lines going up both staircases and around the store. I was totally disappointed in the lack of planning on the part of Tattered Cover.

Apparently when they have larger book signings, they hold them at their larger location. The women that were trying to organize this enormous (dare I say, sometimes catty, and crowdy) group of women kept saying that they "just didn't anticipate this big of a crowd." I'm quite surprised that at some point during the planning stages of this event somebody didn't click on over to PW's site and say "Wow. This last giveaway PW did got 36,000 comments. Do you think we should maybe put out a few more chairs?" It's like that time that Oprah gave out free meals at KFC and KFC TOTALLY RAN OUT OF FOOD. Like they thought nobody watched Oprah? Or that nobody's mom/neighboor/high school friend who still has you on the forward email list watches Oprah and wouldn't be sending the coupon to every person in the country? Seriously. Disappointed in the lack of planning you guys.

Okay but this post has nothing to do with KFC. Their chicken is gross. Yuck.

Pioneer Woman, on the other hand, has a recipe for fried chicken that looks delicious and that I will someday be making.

Aaaanywaaaay...After a brief Q & A, it was time to wait. And wait. And wait. For like, a really long time. Fortunately, April found a little Twilight porn to pass the time...


(It wasn't really porn. Just like...not...literature. April doesn't read porn. Or smoke as you may recall)

And I took out my knitting. Isn't my red scarf coming along nicely?


After almost THREE HOURS of waiting, it was almost my turn!


And then it WAS my turn!


Look how interesting PW thinks I am!

I knelt down next to her to talk. Is that weird? It was just awkward standing there and leaning over her. I didn't really think about it at the time...but now the picture looks weird to me. Oh well.


In case there is any question in your mind...she is just as sweet as you can imagine. Her voice is beautiful and sincere. And she has great hair. And beautiful skin. And couldn't you just die over those earrings? And she had been signing books and making small-talk with complete strangers for over three hours (and had AT LEAST an hour to go) and was showing no signs of fatigue or annoyance. Amazing.

Amazing. Wonderful. Fantastic. Thanks for coming April (your PW inspired thank-you is on its way). Thanks for convincing me to go N8tr0n. Thanks for the inspiration Ree. I can't wait to spread the cowboy cookin' love!



Laurel said...

The first kneeling picture does look a teensy bit odd. But the second one looks pretty good; I've seen a lot of pictures of people at signings where the signer is sitting and the fan is bending over all awkwardly, and I think this one is much better.

I'm really glad you got to go! I keep saying I need to read her blog more, but I haven't because I already have too many blogs that I don't read.

Femme Facetious said...

Miranda and PW in the same place! At the same time! I am so so jealous. Sadly, I do not think she is coming to Boise and she's going to SLC about 3 days before I'll be there...oh woe. But YOU, you my dear, look like you had a fabulous time! Good for you for going!

nina said...

I think the pictures are good. Looks like you are sitting down and interviewing her. I think you went to a book signing for my book by Gerald Lund but I think it was an accident but I love it anyway. Good job.

nina said...

I think the pictures are good. Looks like you are sitting down and interviewing her. I think you went to a book signing for my book by Gerald Lund but I think it was an accident but I love it anyway. Good job.

karisa said...

Way to go! I think your earrings are equally "to die for." I was trying to figure out a way to go to SLC, but unfortunately I didn't have a N8tr0n pushing me out the door.

Sarah said...

LOVE! the scarf! Want to make me one? :)

vanessa said...

Did you see Carina and maybe I met you? Or Allison. Now I can't remember BUT the night was awesome, she lived up to every expectation in my mind :)


Greeneyes said...

Way to rock the crowd!

Kimberlee said...

Answer me something, would ya?

How do you find slash keep up with all these blogs? You always have links to great blogs and I'm totally like "I should read that". But then I don't, I forget. Then I see another great link on your blog, and I'm reminded.

As of now, most {and by most I mean all but one} the blogs I read are authored by friends and family. People that I knew prior to blogging. I need you to send me your google reader list. :)

michelle said...


I'm so glad you went, so glad April accompanied you, so glad she bought you the book for your birthday, and so happy you brought along your knitting (that was a seriously good idea)!

marta said...

no way, no way, no way. am sitting in complete envy and happiness for your experience. how awesome is that!? your earrings are pretty fabulous as well!

p.s. i would love love love to get your caramel apple tips.

p.p.s. why i didn't send dan there for my own signed copy is beyond me!

charlotte said...

I love the Tattered Cover Bookstore. I mean, seriously. And how much fun to go to a signing and be there in all of the crowded excitement! Woohoo! And I think I'm still laughing over "Twilight porn." So true. And so not literature. In any sense of the word.

Amanda said...

completely jealous of you meeting the PW...she's such a blogging celebrity. I do very much like her hair. She's coming to Minneapolis (relatively close to me) in a couple weeks so maybe I'll have my fiance stand in line for me. Probably not, he hates lines (and boredom that you avoided by knitting).

jj said...

So what's MM's real name? Sounds SO fun!

Susan said...

I cannot help but telling you how completely jealous I am!!! Ree isn't even coming to California where I live... Despite SEVERAL humiliating comments I've left begging her to :O( Congratulations on meeting her. And aren't you over the moon excited that today she included your blog post in her list of places to find posts about her visits??? Which probably means that she's checked out your blog! Yay!

Susan said...

JJ - MM's real name is Ladd! (I only know that because I picked up the issue of Country People... Pathetic, I know...)

jj said...

Thanks! That's a cool name--I love names that are a little different and original.

cb said...

I was at the Denver signing--and I see myself in your crowd picture--so there's proof! After reading how poorly the people in SLC were treated by the bookstore, I was glad the Denver signing went so well.It sounds like Ree read and SANG in other locations-- maybe she was just shy in Denver?

It was great night, that's for sure. We need to have a Denver blogger event sometime, I think!

Anonymous said...

Awesome recap! :-)

(Beautiful scarf-in-progress, too. Oh and is that a Clapotis on the blonde woman at the right of the crowd picture?)

Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

I was on the other side from you!

Anonymous said...
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Denise said...

April is an amazing friend to all! (I'm still laughing over "Twilight Porn," and "She doesn't smoke, either.")I'm glad you just decided to go for it. So often, like you said, I'll think about doing something like that and then find excuses not to.

paws said...

Great scarf! I get lost for hours on Ravelry. Too much to knit! It's about time I knit something for myself, though. What yarn did you use? I love the color.

Anonymous said...
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