05 November 2009

Reasons I Love Denver 001

My backyard, October 29, 2009

Park by our house, November 3, 2009

I honestly love Denver's weather. Snow boots one day, flip flops the next. It keeps things interesting. N8tr0n would tell you that it is too dry, and for the overcast/drizzle lover, it certainly is. Be sure to pack plenty of your favorite moisturizer if you're coming for a visit. But since I am a desert girl straight through to my core, I adore the dry wind wicking the moisture off of my lips and the hot sun on my neck in early November. Coloradans never stop boasting about the "300 days of sunshine a year," and if you ask me, they never should.



michelle said...

I love Denver's climate! It's like Utah's, only milder. And I detest humidity to my core (it makes me all the hotter, don't you know!), so I relish the dryness.

charlotte said...

I am unashamedly bias to Denver. I. love. Colorado. Love it. And I get to come back to it in 15 days.

Anonymous said...

M aunt lives around there and I get so jealous of all the snow!

Sarah Stamps said...


Melissa A. said...

I lived in Denver in 1986-1987. That is the one thing I remember the most, that the weather was really crazy, but cool. I remember when I first moved there it was the month of September and it was 70 degrees in the day and would snow at night and the next day it would start all over again.

Greeneyes said...

Oh, to be in Denver....only 32 months of Husband's school left.

I love your documentation of the seasonal mix.

Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

Isn't it funny how people have no clue what it's really like here???

paws said...

That snowy picture makes me homesick.

Laura@livingabigstory said...

OOOhhh! I miss Denver sooo much - we moved away almost 2 years ago. I miss the cool nights! I miss the random warm days in the winter and (right now) the random cool days in the summer. I even miss the blizzards that snowed us in sooo many times.


(Ok, I'm just giggling now ... my word verification was peegrate ... tee hee! I'm *SO* mature!)

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