22 November 2009

You're kidding me.

Hello all. Am taking a break from my very important projects to write a little bloggity blog. I don't have any Project Runway DVDs to keep me company this time so I have a little Taylor Swift radio playing on Pandora. Yes. Country. I am definitely not ashamed to say that no matter how much indie music I listen to, there will always be a soft spot in my heart for Tim McGraw. It's just a fact. Unsubscribe if you will.

So anyway, on to the projects. They're not actually all that important...that's just what I keep telling myself in my head so that I actually finish them. The one I finished tonight is a quilt top that I started when I was pregnant with Z-cakes. Yes, you read correctly. I started the project about two years ago. What? Like you finish every single thing you ever start?

The pattern came from this book and it seemed easy enough when I started it. I took my time picking up fabrics when they were affordable, cutting a little here and there, and planning to sew the whole thing together during the few days of maternity leave I would have before the baby was born.


The quilt top was shelved after I realized that there would be no sitting at a sewing machine without paying for it with severely swollen legs and ankles. At that point in time I was absorbing moisture from the atmosphere...so even an hour at the sewing machine was not in the cards for me. I put the quilt in my "in progress" craft pockets and vowed that I would finish it when the craziness of having a new baby had died down.

Apparently that craziness died down about three days ago. Either that, or my aunt is the new owner of a long arm quilting machine and I promised her I would have a quilt top ready by Thanksgiving for her to practice on. One of those two things made me pull the quilt out again.


I pulled the strips out three days ago, so excited about the fact that all I would have to do was sew a few straight lines and ta-dah! quilt top. I laid the strips out to decide how they should be arranged and realized something terrible....

I hated it.

No, seriously you guys, I don't like the quilt. The colors. The colors are awful! Did pregnancy distort my ability to see color? What was I thinking? And for some reason, the strips were not going together without horrible weird patterns forming or without having two of the same fabric pieces together. I had to unpick things that I had sewn TWO YEARS AGO on a quilt that I CAN BARELY STAND TO LOOK AT.


I was so disgusted that I had to walk away from the quilt and decide what to do next. I couldn't very well just toss the thing out could I? I had spent time and money on that thing and it had been taking up space in my craft room for TWO YEARS. Yes, I had to finish sewing the blanket. I came down to the basement tonight, unpicked a few unruly squares, and sewed the blasted thing together.

And I still don't like it.

N8tr0n thinks that I'll like it more when it has been quilted and bound. I think it's doubtful.

I'll let you know how it turns out.



michelle said...

oh no!!! What a disappointment! I recently threw away the first quilt I ever made. I had planned to keep it for historical reasons, even though I couldn't stand the colors and the fabrics anymore, but some mice had made a nest in it and that made the decision pretty easy...

Hey, at least now there won't be any pressure on your aunt for the trial of her new machine!

Cassie said...

A quilt swap maybe the solution!!
Keep smiling

Laurel said...

I have several bags I started before the whole hospital thing that I found after we moved and the exact same thing happened. The colors. They were so awful. What was I thinking? Pregnancy messes with your vision, maybe it messes with your color perception too. I feel your pain dude.

Serin said...

oh no! That's so dissappointing! Keep it and maybe you'll like it again when you get knocked up again ;)

Staci said...

What if you use your strips as the border and do a solid colored middle? I think it could still work. Really.

Greeneyes said...

Ohhhh, that's no fun.

If it's really such an eyesore to you, maybe you could donate it to The Children's Hospital? The tykes are always packing around their softies up on the floor, and a giveaway like that might not hurt too badly.

paws said...

That sucks.

It's surprising since all of the fabrics are so cute individually.

Jaime said...

I've tried to make one quilt in my life. Took me so long that by the time I was half into it, I too hated it. Ugly as sin. Me? I threw mine away.... maybe someday I'll try quilting again.

Also, my heart still swells a bit whenI think about where the green grass grows... ;)

judiroso said...

Oh so sad!!

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