07 December 2009

Reasons I love Denver 002

When we first moved to Denver I coveted all of the people I saw who had a Royal Crest milk box on their doorstep. I mean, come on, "The Aristocrat of Milks!" I'm almost positive that I have never had anything aristocrat-ish in my life. Not to mention the fact that I could barely handle the quaint-ness of home delivery milk! I knew I had to have some of that milk. Maybe someday when we were rich? Yes, yes, I would put it right on my list of Things To Do When I'm Rich (number one being: only buy pure maple syrup, if you are curious).

And then one day, a wonderful thing happened. A door-to-door Royal Crest salesman caught N8tr0n outside and offered him a free half gallon of milk just for signing up for home delivery! Can you believe the bargain? Of course we could cancel at anytime, he said...and I knew that the aristocrat of milks was mine. My head began making plans to purchase a house in the mountains. We had arrived.

We enjoyed our superior tasting milk for quite some time. Our little one thrived on the Royal Rich Whole Milk (a little more creamy than their regular whole milk my friends). And then, you know, that whole underemployment thing happened. Sadly, there are many weeks when we just can't afford to pay the premium price for our aristocratic milk. Despite that, I still keep the box on our doorstep. I keep it there for one very important reason: the eggnog.


Eggnog lovers, meet your rum-flavored dream. Coloradans have been enjoying this creamy holiday concoction since the 1940s and I intend to enjoy it as long as we live here. It's only available for a limited time each year, which makes it extra special when it shows up on our order forms in November.

Now, I know many of you do not like eggnog and are mostly likely vehement in your disdain. So I won't try to tell you that even if you don't like eggnog, you will like this. Because you probably won't. But if you DO like a little cup of holiday nog...you will want to kiss this stuff right on the mouth.

Happy Monday everyone. I hope you're warm and cozy because it is dang cold here.



Tiffany said...

Aristocratic milk--that will be my word phrase of the day.

I wish I could try some. My family did an egg nog taste test last night and we could have used some of that kind, I'm sure.

Femme Facetious said...

oh man. Denver has all the best stuff! I would love to try some of that aristocratic egg nog. I'm the only nog-lover in my family and I haven't even bought any yet, because I know I'll be responsible for drinking the whole carton (it's calorically depressing, but oh well, I'm going to pick some up tonight anyway).

Serin said...

We got home delivery pretty much for that same reason. And when we got the invoice telling us that our milk price would go up this month we decided to cancel as soon as eggnog season was over. But guess what? The gas station at the corner of Kipling and 38th not only sells Royal Crest egg nog, but it's 40 cents cheaper! And no pesky $3/mo service fee! So we telling our delivery man Goodbye! 9and did you know you can freeze the stuff? And have you made egg nog french toast??)

Oh yeah, you make the waffles, I'll provide 100% maple syrup (my husband cannot tolerate any HFCS). Does that mean I'm rich?

Hil said...

Oh my do i love me some eggnog... drooling right now.

Emmylou said...

I dream of milk delivery! I know I would actally save money, since everytime I go to Costco for milk I end up buying a movie or clothes for the girls and sample everything in the store and feel guilty for sampling everything so pick at least one thing to buy. Oh yeah, and I love eggnog but am trying to ration it this holiday season since my husband thinks we should buy gallons at a time.

urban craft said...

That must be some kinda milk. Now if only I could get groceries home delivered, I would never have to leave the house. Then again, with the cold, I am not in the mood to leave anyway. Wonder how long it will take for the cabin fever madness to kick in.

Cassie said...

Our home deliveries are long-gone where we live in the countryside in England sadly. There was something special about the milkfloat bringing milk to your door in lovely glass bottles. Lots of childhood memories!

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