10 December 2009

Treading Water

Whoa guys, where did Tuesday and Wednesday go? In case you're wondering...I am alive. I'm just in my basement trying to sew despite fingers that are numb from the cold. N8tr0n and I have decided to give all handmade or re-purposed gifts this year and it is crunch time. Actually, it's past crunch time. Hence the lack of posts. However, if you stop back by tomorrow I promise PROMISE that you will find the posts that should have been here on Tuesday and Wednesday and maybe a little something more.

Stay warm!



Gail said...

This is about the time I start thinking IOUs

michelle said...

My fingers get numb when I am downstairs sewing as well! Even with a space heater. Good luck on your projects!

Cassie said...

"Treading Water" is exactly the phrase I have been thinking this week - like a manic duck paddling under the water. Glad to hear its not just me xx

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