04 December 2009

Remeber the post about the lemons?


Well. My mother-in-law was in California shortly before Thanksgiving and she came back bearing gifts! An entire bag of California citrus just for me...er...us. Jealous?

These lemons are fan-freakin'-tastic. They're sweeter than the lemons I'm used to, could they perhaps be Meyer lemons (I'm asking you Gramma Jo)? Regardless of the variety, they are extra juicy with a thin skin so that you get more lemon than rind. They're going to be so good in a vinaigrette, over fish, or just eaten plain. Like I did last night when I was waiting for N8tr0n to get home. Because I couldn't help myself. Please don't tell my dentist.

P.S. Notice my new Pyrex bowl that my mom gave me? Hip hip for in-family thrifting!


1 comment:

michelle said...

Yep, I'm jealous. Especially if they're Meyers!!

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