02 December 2009

The tinsel has gone to my head

I started decorating the house for Christmas yesterday (eyes search the heavens for mercy).

Okay, it wasn't actually that bad. Though I'm not sure why I decided that the appropriate time to get festive was when I was a) sick and b) listening to Z-cakes vehemently protest her afternoon nap. Oh well...I guess decorating the tree doesn't have to be magical every year, right?

Once I had sufficiently crazied up the house (you know the point where you're putting up decorations and trying to clean the house at the same time and you can see that things are going to get much much worse before they get any better?) I came to my senses and decided it was time to sit. It was time to sit and make a wreath.


Aaaah. Isn't it beautiful? Making this wreath was absolutely the most rewarding thing I did yesterday. Just wrapping and stapling and cutting out felt. Instant gratification.


In my hometown, there is a store called King's. It's an old store than hasn't gone out of business even with the encroachment of the Wal-Marts. It's where you go when you need something that you can't find anywhere else. Need pink mittens for your baby? King's. Wish you had one more deviled egg platter? King's. Silver tinsel? You see where I'm going with this. My mom is constantly saying "oh I found that at King's! It was only five bucks!" She and I stop there every time I come home, and wandering the aisles of that little discount store finding just what I was looking for gives me the same thrill I get when I find a treasure thrift shopping. I knew immediately when I couldn't find the tinsel I was looking for at my local Target that King's would
be my lifesaver once again.

Not only did King's have the tinsel I was looking for, but they had an entire wall of different colors and it was ON SALE! Am kicking myself right now for not picking up some in white (what was I thinking mom?). I stood open mouthed in awe and ignored the woman who was loudly telling her husband how much she hated tinsel and how she couldn't stand how tacky it was. Clearly she didn't have my vision. Clearly she had never sat on a couch and wrapped tinsel around a thrifted wreath form that she'd been hanging on to for eleven months. Clearly.

There is only one downside to my beautiful tinsel wreath. It has made me seriously pine after more retro Christmas decor. I can't stop thinking about this beautiful picture,

(via weheartit.com)

or these ornaments,

(via weheartit.com)

or the vintage jackpot Meg hit at her local thrift shop (I seriously need some of those Santa mugs). All of these dreams of bright white Christmas trees and gleaming powder blue ball ornaments give me the urge to throw out all of my current Christmas decor and start anew...er...retro.

Sigh...but since we're all underemployed up in here I suppose we probably can't afford an overhaul of unnecessary items. Also I can't really see N8tr0n digging that pink and white look. I mean, the man hates shabby chic enough to actually know what it is and he has never knowingly let glitter cross the threshold of this house.

Ahh well. I have my tinsel wreath to appease me for now. Perhaps I'll hang it in the kitchen where I can see it the most, and where it won't horribly clash with all of my other decorations. And I can't promise that I won't be making big plans in my head for next year's retro decor. Consider yourself forewarned N8tr0n.

I bet King's will have the perfect white Christmas tree



Laurel said...

It IS beautiful! You did a fantastic job.

paws said...

I really like it!

catherine said...

You've inspired me to make a wreath!! How I wish I still lived near King's :) Also, the pink tree is fabulous.

catherine said...

P.S. I just checked out weheartit.com and I think it might be a new frequently visited site for me. Thanks!!

michelle said...

Darling. I want to go to King's!

I also want that pink tree and all of those retro ornaments. I don't think my boys will be on board with the pink treed, either. Maybe white, though...

Kali Jo said...

hey i have a kinga her in American Falls and you are right it is way better than the new Alco that came in last year. woot woot for Kings!

Kimberlee said...

Ooohhh...the wreath! I love the wreath.

nina said...

Hey, I will say that at Walmart this year they have a hot pink and a purple tree and I think a blue tree. I think they are midsize for any of those that really want retro. The white ones make a great lighted ghost for halloween. You turn them upside down, lay the limbs up so it looks like a drop and put on a large clown pair of glasses and you have a cool ghost. Now that makes it double useful.

Natalia said...

I love your wreath. I want to try to make one in red.

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