18 January 2010

Cousins are the best.

We've been making the best of our holiday weekend. These cousins have been going non-stop, pausing only for the occasional light reading and goldfish eating.


The adults have been trying to keep up with them in the amusement department. And although we've been staying up into the wee hours of the morning playing Agricola and Canasta, eating chocolate cake, and conducting science experiments, I don't think we've sapped out the kind of quality time that these kids have.


So sad that their visit is coming to an end. Fortunately while we're waiting for their plane to take flight we'll be watching the road for even more visitors. My parents are coming to town for a week. More stock show. More spice shop. No Casa Bonita.

Enjoy your Martin Luther King, Jr. day.



Serin said...

Such cute pictures! Glad you had fun and that there's more fun to look forward to!

siberianluck said...

I need to know what science experiments occurred.

Laurel said...

I don't want to go home. Blerg.

Rachel said...

I need to know more about this game Agricola???? Do I need to go out and buy it??? Settlers of Catan is just not cutting it anymore.

DW said...

Ooh, I read "goldfish eating" before the photo had time to load and I hastily averted my eyes, lest I become nauseated by the sight of children munching on domesticated fish.

Here's hoping you meant the crackers.


Gail said...

The two cutest kids in the world * - right there side by side in the same room ...... amazing sight
*believe me, I know what I'm talking about

michelle said...

It's true, there is just something about cousins. Instant friends unlike any others. I'm glad you have more company coming, as I always get blue when my family leaves.

charlotte said...

I'd be a little concerned if Casa Bonita was on your itinerary.

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