16 January 2010

If I knew you were coming...

We have family visiting us this weekend. My sister/brother-in-law and my adorable nephew. More affectionately known as, noisy penguin, Dr. Pants, and Mr. Poop. My SIL has quite the sweet tooth (much like you-know-who). Remember how I took her on a cupcake tour of Denver last year? I always want to bake with her whenever we're together but sadly, we rarely have time. This time I anticipated our busy schedule and decided to have a cake ready and waiting when the three of them walked in the door.

{sifted flour}

I was babysitting a couple of Z-cakes' friends this morning which meant that she could play happily in the living room while I had the kitchen all to myself. As much help as Z-cakes is at making bread, she simply has no patience for cakes. "Are you kidding me, mom? You're going to sift that flour three times? Whatever. I'm gonna go put that funnel on my head."

This is a Devil's Food Cake that my sweet friend Charlotte (my baking mentor) taught me how to make. She always refers to it as an "easy little two egg cake," so that is what I call it in my head; The Little Two Egg Cake.

{two eggs}

I've made this cake several times and always had great results. Well, except for the time that I took the pans out of the oven and left one of them on top of a burner that was on (what the?). But I don't really count that as a baking failure.

{Pyrex love}

Today was no exception. The cakes puffed up perfectly. My house filled with a decadent chocolate aroma, and both cakes slipped right out of their pans and on to the cooling rack. And all was right with the world.

We have an action packed weekend plan. We will definitely be going to the stock show, probably stopping off at the spice shop, and most likely (deep breath) Casa Bonita. Mercy.

Happy Weekending.


P.S. Anyone care to guess what we'll all be eating for breakfast?


Serin said...

Where's the final picture?? I don't think I have everad Devil's Food Cake :o Must remedy that!

Thanks for the reminder about the stock show :)

Serin said...

Okay, maybe it's too early in the morning, but I can't find anything on the website that says how much tickets are for general admission.

Serin said...

Yeah, it was just early, I found it. ;)

deidra said...

Karisa and her family are going to the stock show. YeeHaw!

paws said...

Casa Bonita?! Gag me with a sopapilla.

Greeneyes said...

Ooooh, stock show. The Crunchy Brigade in Portland will have nothing to do with calf roping and bull-riding. Sigh.

Casa Bonita, huh? My 50-something sweet mama begged to go there when she came to visit us last time. Nostalgia, or something of the like. {What the...?!?! I had no idea until I got there.} My friend always quotes a South Park episode that allegedly dubs La Casa as "The Disney World of Mexican Restaurants".

p.s. How did I miss the cupcake stalking tour? Further evidence that you and I were meant to be fast friends. When I come back to D-town--maybe in April--let's eat chocolate cake together! I have a spot in mind.

Gail said...

Oatmeal and chocolate cake?? Have a fun-filled weekend!!

michelle said...

I love me some cake for breakfast!

And, I don't think I have that recipe. what the?!

Cassie said...

Oh - do show us what the finished little beauty looked like! Tooo tempting. Hope you have a wonderful weekend xx

emily said...

How can it be that this is the first time I've heard about the Little Two-Egg Cake? I'm going to have to give Grandma a call.

And my condolences for having to go to Casa Bonita. I mean, I enjoy horrible food and creepy arcades as much as the next person, but it would never be my first (or thirtieth) choice of dining locales.

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