06 January 2010

Handmade :: Part 2 of 4

For my nephew:

My nephew is known to the internet world as Mr. Poop. If you have never read any of the Mr. Poop Presents features on Penguinbot.com then I suggest you do so now. There are important lessons to be learned people.

Anyway, the fact that he is called Mr. Poop will come into play later. I promise.

I had tons of fun making presents for Mr. Poop. Z-cakes was given a crayon roll for her first birthday and my life was forever changed. I never go to church without this thing. Restaurant only gives you two crappy crayons? No problem...we have the crayon roll. Color away my dear. I knew I had to share this travel size bliss with my nephew (actually, it was a gift for his parents if we're being perfectly honest here).


This little bundle was so easy and quick to make. I think I knocked one out in just one Signing Time! DVD. Okay maybe two. The point is that very little neglect of my own child was necessary to make this gift.


Next up, for the home-crafter, a crayon apron.


I saw this idea on Craft: a long time ago and bookmarked it planning to make it for Z-cakes someday. It is made out of a dishtowel so most of the sewing is already done for you. I think Mr. Poop is still a little young for it...but before long I think he'll appreciate having crayons right at his finger tips no matter where he is. It will be especially helpful when he wants to color on daddy's Xbox but can't seem to find the crayon roll.


And in case you're wondering...that is indeed a little pile of poop on his apron. With stink lines. There was a little bit of confusion when the present was first opened because his mom didn't want to offend me by asking if it was in fact poop. Once the confusion was cleared up...she loved it.

And finally, a plush Mr. Poop.


I just couldn't resist.

My favorite part about all of Mr. Poop's gifts was that I didn't have to buy any materials. I was able to make everything out of stuff that I had in my stash. Oh, except for the crayons. I had to go out and buy a new package of crayons. I also may or may not have bought an extra package for myself.

And now I'm off to squeeze in a little of that "create daily" resolution that I have. I've accidentally planned to hand-make all of Z-cakes' birthday gifts this year. Yes, I've gotten myself into quite a mess.



michelle said...

I am dying that you made plush poop and a stinking pile of poop on an apron! Who would have ever guessed?

I love crayon rolls.

Hil said...

oh my.. i must make me a crayon roll! genius. the poop is hilarious by the way. well done.

Serin said...

Loving the poop and the crayon roll, I think I could handle making 4 of those. ;)

handmade birthday presents? Can't wait to see what's in store!

Off to paint now, I've replenished my supplies

paws said...

Make 5, Serin. Rhea will need one before long!

Poop?! Gross, but cute.

Staci said...

While going through my doll blankets that Grandma Egan actually quilted, I found my own adored crayon apron. She made it for me when I was in kindergarten. It's a lovely mustardy brown cordouroy, and it has a gathered-waist skirt. Mine holds jumbo crayons (only 5 colors), slots for which are just above the waist line.

Guess what - my 5-yr-old loves it!

erin said...

I stumbled upon your blog and I love it. The crayon roll is great. I am not a sewing person but my 1 year old daughter is, so I am going to have to have her make one for her little brother. I am now a follower of your blog.

Petit Elefant said...

How crafty are YOU? COME ON!

Laurel said...

Mr. Poop just dug his crayon roll out of the diaper bag last night and insisted on coloring. It was awesome. Also, he's taken to throwing the stuffed poop at us and yelling "POOP!"

Kimberlee said...

And now I will be making a crayon roll. Or twenty!

Serin said...

Do you have a link for the crayon roll, or did you just make it up? I found a few on Google, but they confuse me.

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