06 January 2010

What a great day.

Today was a slow day.
I knew I wanted to do two things.
I wanted to bake some bread.
And I wanted to hang out with Z-cakes.

I decided she was big enough to help me make bread.
Not just play in the flour while I worked.
When she got up from her nap
I asked her "do you want to bake bread with mommy?"
"Okay! Sure!"
That's her new phrase.
The OK is really drawn out

Baking bread

I thought a lot about how she could actually help me.

Baking bread

I broke the butter into pieces and let her throw them into the mixer.

Baking bread

I let her dump the sugar, salt, and flour in.
But I didn't take pictures of that,
because I was trying to make sure the flour actually got in the bowl.

Baking bread

I let her stir the goo (before all the flour was added) with a spatula.

Baking bread

Which wasn't exactly helping.
But I couldn't resist her "please please!"
after she saw me scrape the sides of the bowl.

Baking bread

I gave her some dough of her own to knead and roll out.

Baking bread

I gave her more than what is in the picture
but most of it fell on the floor
after she "divided" it with my pastry scraper.

And then when we were all done
I let her wash her hands.

Washing hands

For a really long time.
Like, as long as it might take to clean up a bunch of flour,
and dough,
and dirty dishes.

Cleaning up

Z-cakes even helped me clean up the water
that she spilled on the floor
while she was washing her hands.

Cleaning up

Then she wanted to go outside.

Playing in the snow

She even let me put mittens on her.

By the time she came back inside it was time to put the bread in the oven.
By the time she got cranky
(you know that witching hour when you're about to start dinner?)
it was time to take the bread out of the oven.

What a great day.



Serin said...

I love this post! I think one of my resolutions should be to let my kids "help" more because they LOVE it.

Hil said...

so adorable. I love her little apron. maybe I will attempt to let Little Guy help me make some bread today... I'm scared.

paws said...

How cute! I can't wait until Rhea's old enough to help me bake bread...or do anything, for that matter.

michelle said...

That girl is SO dang cute! I'm in love with her little apron. And I love your photos of the whole process. Eva likes to help me bake as well as anything else, and I prefer it to playing with ponies...

Rachel said...

I love it. What a sweet girl you have, Lucy also loves to help me cook. It takes patience, but like you said how can you resist when you hear the please please please.... I am afraid when Naomi gets old enough to help I am going to need a bigger kitchen.

Petit Elefant said...

You're such a good mommy for helping her help you cook. What a fun day!

Greeneyes said...

You are a rock star mommy.

I once had my girlfriend's then-five-year-old over to bake cookies. I wanted to hog tie him and sit on his busy little mitts by the time the dust settled in the kitchen.

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