08 February 2010

Children get older


This little doll is turning TWO this week and I've been all kinds of I can't believe my baby is turning two! sappy mom-ish.

This is very upsetting to me.

Both the fact that she' is turning two and the sappy-ness.

You see, I've never stopped being surprised at how many cliches I tumble head first into now that I'm a mother. Now when I tiptoe into my little girl's room at night to tuck her in and a tiny "thank you mommy" spills out of her lips, I actually think that my heart might just in fact, burst.


When she curls her tiny hand around my index finger, when she nestles her bald head in the crook of my neck, when she wags her finger and says "no more monkeys jumping on the bed!" I try to think of ways that I can bottle up the moments and keep them with me forever.

(so cliched)

Z-cakes has brought nothing but sunshine into my life. Pure shots of Mr. Golden Sun. And even when I start to get down about the fact that we have no money and start to believe that we will never ever find decent jobs, she hops like a bunny into the room and says, "hewooo mommy...good!" And then I gather her up in a big hug, look over at N8tr0n, and realize that I have it all. Money shmuney...jobs shmobs. And it's like I need sunglasses.

(okay, you get it)

So please forgive me if the posts and pictures are a little Z-cakes heavy this week. Because I just can't seem to stop taking pictures of her. And my attempts to stop time haven't worked. And neither have my attempts to keep my eyes from welling up with tears every time she says "I a little giiirrrrrl!" So instead I'll just give in, cry my eyes out, and somehow recover. Then I can go through it all again when she turns three...and four...and

(okay I'm done, I'm stopping now)



Gail said...

Oh, I love her!! and you and Nathan too!!!! Gramma tears blend with Mommy tears.

Serin said...

Excuse me while I go fix the makeup that I *just* put on. You're in good company with mommy-sappiness ;)

Cassie said...

She is a real cutie and looks so much like her Mummy!
Have a great celebration week

Hil said...

so. dang. cute. it's hard having them grow up so fast, I agree. if only we could freeze time. (cliche)

nina said...

Hey, it doesn't get any better when you are older. You will look at all of those pictures you took and cry again for what has past. These are the moments that we take with us. Love you sweetheart.

Kimberlee said...

I'm all sorts of "sappy-momish" so I'm excited. Plus, heavy on the z-cakes pictures...what more could I ask for?

michelle said...

So you've joined the ranks. I think once you become a mother, you just can't avoid it. The clich├ęs exist because we all experience that pain of wanting them not to change, but they never stop growing up. Enjoy where she is right now!

molly said...

Well hello, popped over through some link and am having so much fun, just poking around. Of course it's the s year old girl bit that snagged me, though. Magic, aren't they? Happy Birthday to this little gem.

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