05 February 2010

hello weekend


:: Making more chocolate mousse for cooking club tonight (yes I see a possible addiction in my future; should probably ask for help sooner rather than later).
:: Trying to make a dent in my too-full Google Reader.
:: Laundry
:: Not knitting Z-cakes a new hat before her birthday.
:: Playing with the new camera lens a friend loaned me.

pink flower
{Thanks, Ben!}

:: Thinking about how I can get my hands on some of my favorite Valentine candy (which reminds me, next week we'll be talking about candy and it's gonna be awesome).

This weekend...

:: Finishing Z-cakes' play kitchen.
:: Not starting any more handmade birthday gifts for her.
:: Eating myself sick (on PW's jalapeno poppers) while I pseudo-watch the Superbowl with friends.
:: Writing a post about cloth diapering (oh, you know you want to read it).
:: Working on this here little sidebar.


:: Trying to get over feeling silly about pictures of myself posted on my blog.

Happy Weekend everyone.



Hannah said...

you are so darling! your posts always make me smile.

what lens are you using?

Hil said...

Love your earrings!! Can't wait for the discussion on candy... that's my favorite subject.

Crystal said...

You look so cute! I love reading your blog.

Serin said...

What *is* your favorite Vday candy? Do I have to wait a week?

I meant to tell you tonight that I liked your jewelry, love the pink and sparkles!

Cassie said...

Love this post and tell you I feel exactly the same about photo's of myself.
I adore the first photo too - flowers are getting me through winter at the moment xx

Denise said...

Never feel silly about posting a photo of yourself! I sometimes feel silly taking them, though.

Denise said...

And my heart hurts for that polka-dotted table cloth. . . .

emily said...

Any chance you could send some of that mousse over this way?

Can't wait to see pictures of the play kitchen!

Bradbury Bunch said...

Your photography(REMARKABLE).
You're baking/cooking up a storm (and your lil' helper is ADORABLE).
You have the coolest bangs I'VE EVER SEEN.
You make the CUTEST homemade cards...
Alls I can say is...
blog on my friend! BLOG ON!

P-S When I saw the picture of you pointing...it just makes me think you're right here talking! I can hear you with that picture!! :) XOXO

P-P-S Thanks for your comments! They always make me smile! We need to talk reunion talk sometime...

Travelin'Oma said...

So do you have a great recipe for Chocolate Mousse? I am SO in the mood for that!

Greeneyes said...

Sooo, what's the lens, Girly?

I like the self-photos of you...but I don't ever do them myself!

michelle said...

Those flowers are gorgeous!!

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