25 February 2010

My cloth diaper stash

I am a cloth diapering mama.


It's true. In fact, I have a load of diapers in the wash as I type.

The first time N8tr0n and I discussed cloth diapering we didn't have Z-cakes yet. We were thinking about starting a family, and one day while driving we had this conversation:

N8tr0n: So, what do you think about cloth diapering?

Me: I think it sounds disgusting.

Me: I think cloth diapers are for people like our parents who were too poor to buy disposable diapers before they became readily available. Now we have wonderful disposable diapers so that we don't need cloth anymore.

Me: Furthermore, if you want to use cloth diapers then you're welcome to. But I'm not changing them.

Me: You can change every single diaper the kid ever uses.

N8tr0n: Oh. Okay.

Fast-forward to when Z-cakes was about 3 months old. Another car ride. Another conversation.

Me: So, um...I'm thinking about cloth diapering Z-cakes.

N8tr0n: Oh. Okay.*

In the two years since then I have learned more than I ever thought I would want to know about cloth diapers. And believe me, if you've ever researched cloth on the interwebs you know there is a lot to learn. In fact, I gave up on the idea of cloth more than once before I took the plunge because I was just so overwhelmed with the options. I have a few friends ten friends, yes TEN friends who are either pregnant or have had babies in the last three months. Many of them have asked me about cloth diapering, expressing their dismay over the plethora of options. I figured it was time for me to add my (slightly less) unsolicited advice about cloth. Note: This post is not meant to teach you all about cloth diapering. Just to let you know what I use so that you might be able to narrow down your options.

First of all: my favorite website for purchasing cloth diapers is: http://www.cottonbabies.com
My friend, Serin, told me about this site when I came to her on my hands and knees, begging for a fraction of her knowledge about cloth. She is my go-to girl for cloth questions. They are the makers of the hugely popular, bumGenius pocket diapers (that you may or may not have heard of), and their customer service is excellent. They also have some nice diaper packages put together to make ordering easier. My first purchase was the "Try it" kit which allowed me to try cloth diapering for a little while without investing a huge amount of money. I've also heard that http://www.jilliansdrawers.com/ has an awesome program that lets you try out a variety of diapers for 21 days for only $10. I've never tried that but it sounds like something worth checking out.

Our diapering system:

12 regular size prefolds.
4 Diaper covers
2 Snappies
5 bumGenius + Inserts

I chose prefolds because they are the cheapest option available and they are easy to care for. If you use a prefold you have to have a diaper cover so I chose the ones that I thought were the cutest. Snappies are used in place of pins but you can easily get away with not using them. I just thing they're handy. And finally, the bumGenius. Oh I do heart my bumGenius. They come in adorable colors, they're easy to clean up, and they're well made. The only problem is that they're expensive. I bought two of them on sale and the rest of them I purchased when CottonBabies had their seconds sale.

And there you have it. That is what is in my cloth diaper stash. My advice to you is that if you're interested in cloth diapering, go for it. Find a buddy who can answer your questions (or you know, just ask me) and do it. Also remember that it doesn't have to be all or nothing. I think this is the best piece of advice that Serin gave me. Just because you've decided to use cloth, doesn't mean that you'll never allow a paper diaper to cross the threshold of your house. Sometimes, you just don't want to put on another cloth diaper and when that happens, Hooray for Pampers! (Or Huggies, or whatever...neither one of them are paying me anyway.) That is what is so wonderful about having kids right now--options. Unlike our parents who were poor and couldn't afford disposables...

Have more questions about cloth diapering? I'd be happy to help.
You can ask me anything on formspring
Or, you can email me at mirmand 27 (at) yahoo (dot) com {no spaces}


* Does this dude know how to respond to his crazy wife or what?


Maria said...

Do we know each other, are we kindred spirits? I just clicked over to your blog your blog and ended up being here for over an hour. You are so awesome. I love that you shared your story about PPD. It is so much like mine it hurt reading it. I love your style of writing and think you are so interesting. I will definately be checking up on you regularly. Hope you don’t care.

paws said...

Besides my wonderful sister, I also have a friend locally who uses cloth and we've decided to try knitting some longies. I knit a few soakers for Serin quite a while ago, and I wasn't crazy about either pattern, but the pattern I found for the longies is...atrociously complicated. So I'm still looking.

Just thought you'd like to know that. :P

Serin said...

Great review! And I'm so honored that I gave you good advice. Lol

I have a lot of bumGenius but almost wish I didn't. They are GREAT, except I get lazy and don't stuff them. Prefolds are so easy, no stuffing, no folding, just wash and throw in a drawer. And cheap. But bumGenuis are hands-down the best for nights.

And paws - i need to measure Brayden for you but I was confused about adding ease (or whatever that said)

Greeneyes said...

Something about the lack of an impervious layer between baby's free-flowing urine and you seems...bold. Like a very brave gamble with the leak gods.

{Says the admittedly clueless child-free person.}

michelle said...

Well, color me impressed.

How much do I love Greeneyes' comment?? And Nate's responses. What a very smart man.

Serin said...

I do agree that Nate's response was awesome. lol

Greeneyes - Prefolds need covers, those cute pink flowers and circles up there. In my experiance, they are better at preventing leaks then disposable diapers. And the bumGenius have a waterproof layer on the outside. So never fear, we're not getting peed on every hour. ;)

Emmylou said...

Good job! I attempted cloth diapering for one day, but I don't think I had the right goods so I quickly gave up one it. I used the same cloth diapers my mother used with the gerber plastic pants over the top. Just couldn't do it and was too cheap to buy all the fancy stuff out there and too scared to try it. Haven't been able to go there since. So kudos to all of you out there in cloth diaper world!

Greeneyes said...

To Serin:
Whew! Thanks for easing my mind. : )

Miranda said...

Serin, thanks for taking care of the confusion. If you could just start responding to all of the comments I get that would be sweet. :)

Paws, I wanna makes some longies! Real bad!

Maria, yes we are kindred spirits. I checked it out and...we are.

Rendy Tucker said...

Miranda- thanks for emailing me all the info a while ago! I finally went with the new FLIP diapers that cottonbabies makes. So far I really like them. My frustration with the bumgenius that I borrowed from a friend was that I had to change the whole diaper each time Scarlett peed. (she's only doing one bm a day so that seemed like a lot of changing for a little mess) The covers are great and the inserts are soo absorbant. She's not an extremely heavy wetter and I can get away with using just one of the stay-dri inserts overnight. Yay! So far I have 4 covers and 12 of each type of insert. I just ordered one more cover and may order 2 more when the new baby comes. Thanks again for all your help!!

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