02 February 2010

Sunday afternoon

Subscribing to food blogs can be a dangerous thing.

{makeshift double boiler}

Because if you subscribe to food blogs there is a good chance that sooner or later you may be compelled to make a decadent dessert. More specifically, you may be compelled to make this chocolate mousse.

So on a Sunday afternoon you may don a frilly apron and if your little one sees you doing so, she'll want to do the same.

And you, being the (ever striving) patient mother that you are, will agree to let your almost two-year-old help you make the mousse.

chocolate in

Although, if your daughter is anything like you, she'll find it difficult not to sample some of the ingredients as she puts them into the bowl.

chocolate eat

As you work your way though the recipe, it will likely become apparent that your little sous-chef is going to want more responsibility. Say, whisking some egg yolks and sugar, perhaps.


And if you're lucky, her very own bowl of whipped cream may keep her busy while you work on the ever daunting task of folding in egg whites.

own bowl
{an oven mitt may or may not be necessary}

By the time you're done, the good lighting will be gone and your patience may be following it. Your kitchen will be a mess and the little chef may give you the "I wish we were baking bread" look. That is, until you give her teaspoon of fresh mousse. After that you may hear something like, "Chocat! Mommy! So dawicious!"


Yep. Those food blogs. Dangerous and so very very very worth it.



Serin said...

*YOUR* blog is dangerous! That is dang good and I love the pictures of Z-cakes! <3 I can almost hear her saying "Chocat! Mommy! So dawicious!" So stinking cute!

DW said...

Yah, I second that - YOUR blog is dangerous.

Me want chocat!

I know what you mean, though. Pioneer Woman and Tasty Kitchen, I love/hate you! Stop making me want to eat everything in sight!!!

Staci said...

Your blog is divine!

I'm amazed at how clean your stove is! That's my most difficult kitchen chore...

Sarah said...

It does look dawicious!

charlotte said...

I don't think I've seen Z-cakes in person in ages and ages, but I'm just in love with her. She is adorable to. the. max. And that chocolate is making my heart hurt to. the. max.

nina said...

That mousse does look delicious and Z-cakes looks so 50's. Glad I got that apron. It fits her and her name to a tee.

megan-mae said...

Food blogs are my favourite kind.
Have you ever come across the foodie bloggers' events? Sugar High Friday, Is My Blog Burning, etc? Maybe you should do one of them one day.

michelle said...

I know exactly what you mean about the food blogs! And I have been toying around with trying that exact recipe. It is more complicated than my usual mousse recipe, but it does look awfully dawicious...

emily said...

Can I come hang out with you and Z? That would be great.

And anything dessert with that much Ghiradelli is destined for greatness.

Denise said...

Just looking at that final photo makes my heart beat a little faster.

And I am also in love with Z-Cakes.

And whatever that camera lens is, you should have one of your very own!

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