22 February 2010

This and That :: February

AKA: Talking Shop

I'm already having trouble naming this post, which is never a good sign.

:: Am sitting in my basement (the space in our house that fills me with fear of becoming a hoarder), space heater blasting on my ankles, a ramekin full of dark chocolate m&m's by my side. The setting feels very...bloggy.

:: Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you and merci for the kind comments about our play kitchen. It's so nice to reveal something to blogland and have it be received with so much enthusiasm. You are all so very very nice. I'm almost jazzed enough to make another, but I think we'll enjoy the open floorspace in our basement a bit longer.

:: I spent a little time this weekend doing what I call in my head "blog administrative tasks." Most of the tweaks are minor, and you may not even notice them. But every little change I make helps me feel more at home on my blog. I like making things a little more me, a little more my style. Whatever that may be. I've been tackling the tedious task of assigning appropriate labels to all of my posts since I foolishly didn't realize how much merit they had when I first started le blahg. Also, I want to point out the new formspring link on my sidebar. I heard about formspring a month ago from another blogger and considered adding it to my blog then, but for some reason I because inexplicably terrified of it. Then I forgot about it, or washed the haunting thought of it from my brain. Then this weekend, I saw that a couple of my fav bloggers Marta and Hannah had signed up for it. Hmmm....I'm in. I've already made it clear that I don't do well with peer pressure. Especially when it comes to blogland. No taking advantage now that you know my weakness. ANYWAY, formspring provides a space for anonymous q & a, and following if that suits your fancy. I decided this would be much easier than compiling that FAQ page that I've been thinking about. Who knows when that would have actually happened. So if there is something you'd like to ask me, and don't feel like trying to find my email address, this is your money link. Have at it. Ask away.

:: If you have clementines hanging out in your house you need to make this pie. No, seriously. Make it and then thank Rachel for posting the blessed recipe. Then come back and thank me for sending it to you.

:: I finally posted a page of favorite links/blogs. I think I said I would do that what, like, a month ago? It is over there in the sidebar. This ended up causing me a great deal of stress. I already read way to many blogs and there was no way I was going to list them all here but how to choose(!)? I finally put together a list of blogs that I seem to get most excited about when they have posted. The ones full of inspiration, beautiful writing, eye candy, and tutorials. Blessed tutorials. I also included a list of close friends who update their blogs regularly. I know I probably forgot people. Dangit I hate doing that. This list may or may not stick around depending on the amount of times I wake up in the night overcome with guilt.

:: I really love the new Vampire Weekend album. I know you've all already heard of them. Like, two years ago. But I still want to mention it for those just crawling out from under rocks (welcome back, by the way). Also for mom. You would like the song Run. It reminds me of Paul Simon in Graceland.

:: N8tr0n has taken to making dinner on Sundays to give me a break. Oh my lands, this is a ritual I can get behind. Tonight he made pork tenderloin with garlic mashed potatoes and edamame. Word.

:: Finally. I made myself one of the hair bows that I absolutely freaking adore whenever I see Elsie sporting one on her blog. Thanks for providing a catalyst, Emily. But now for some reason I'm not convinced I can pull off the look. Am timid. Please advise. (Don't worry, you won't hurt my feelings. :)


:: Happy Monday everyone.



Serin said...

:: that pie that Rachel posted did look really good. I may have to go buy the clementines, you know, because you told me to. ;)

:: I think the bow is cute, it's a fun look!

michelle said...

Okay, that pie does sound dreamy!

I love it that Nate is cooking for you on Sundays. Good man.

The bow is very Elsie.

Hil said...

isn't it wonderful when the husband takes over occasionally in the kitchen? and pork tenderloin to boot. give that man a hand.

emily said...

Mmm, pork tenderloin. I need to get a man like that! Or at least find a roommate who isn't afraid of raw chicken.

You can totally do the bow. I love that it is made of fabric! How did you make it? I'm going to have to try some of those with my Mom's fabric scraps this summer. Rock the look!

Tiffany said...

The bow works, especially with your awesome hair coloring.

Greeneyes said...

Holy smokes, Clementine pie?! Be still, my heart.

The bow concept is cute, but I'm not feeling the print...maybe something less calico-ish? But then, maybe I'm out of touch.

p.s. Yeah, I just heard about Vampire Weekend last month. Hello, fellow rock dweller.

Destri said...

okay so I have a few things....

First, there is such a thing as dark chocolate M&M's? Are you kidding me?
Second, I am now coming out from under my rock...who is Vampire weekend...a must?
Third, just bought a bag of clementines that are so ripe they will only last another day, so thank you for the link.
alright I think I am done...

oh wait, thanks for adding us to your lovely list of blogs...makes me happy!

Sydnee said...

I think the clementine pie sounds so yummy! My husband is totally against warm fruit, so I don't make pies very often unless they are pudding pies but his favorite yogurt flavor is orange, so I'm pretty sure I'll give this a try.

Greeneyes said...

p.s. awww. thanks for linking to us. i wuv you, too.

Laurel said...

Your blog looks pretty sweet. I like your pictures on the labels.

I'll be the jerk and say the bow isn't working for me. I think your cut + color seem edgy to me and the bow seems too sweet for it. My brain is telling me they don't go together. I think maybe a smaller bow or two in a different print (or in a bright solid) would work better. Please don't disown me.

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