03 March 2010

I have no idea why it was the first.

First sucker: Documented.





The house hasn't been so quiet in weeks.



Hil said...

the first ever?? I'm impressed! Little Guy gets one every time he goes to the doc for a checkup and shots. Has been that way ever since he was one i think... some doctor I have! :)

These pictures are too cute.

Serin said...

Wow! I'm impressed, seriously. I use suckers as bribery way too often. I don't even know when Brayden's first one was... for sure not before 5 months. lol Okay, I'm sure he was older than that.

Simon and Sara said...

Maybe it was her first sucker because they are such a mess! haha! I know I gave Kajsa her first sucker way later then I gave Brynn hers! But they sure do love them, even if they are so messy! :)

michelle said...

I'm shocked that you could hold out for so long! Dum-dums are primo bribes for airplane trips, errand-running, etc... (although they are losing their charm for Eva, so don't wait too long!)

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