03 March 2010

Just me and my blog.

A few months ago, I believe it was last September, I decided to start blogging for real. For real being defined as: almost daily, and with a bit more focus (but just the tiniest bit). No more posting once a month or whenever I happened to take a decent picture. I suddenly started making lists of things that I wanted to write about and putting a little more time into making my blog something special. I'm not sure what brought on this change but I am elated that I followed through with that decision.

Blogging is one of the funnest, strangest, self affirming-est things I have ever done. It has helped motivate me to pursue my creative passions, it has helped me though postpartum and chronic depression, it has made me less cynical, it has made me more me.

However, along with the affirmation, blogging has brought on a lot of self doubt. There are often times when I think to myself, who am I? And what's more, who am I to be writing this blog? There are plenty of other blogs out there that are saying the exact same thing as me...saying it better in fact! There are better cooks, better writers, better mothers, and better wives. People probably already know how to felt soap. Freezer paper stenciling? Please, I've seen that five times on Craft: just today. That's it. Done blogging. I'll leave this up to the experts. It was fun while it lasted. Does this ever happen to you?

Despite this frustration, I keep coming back to my blog. Day after day I sit down in front of the cool glow of my computer screen, plug in my camera, and let the unsolicited advice fly. I link to those people who I find particularly inspiring, I clap my hands when I get comments from "famous bloggers," and I do my best to write something that you might actually want to read. Because that is why I blog. Because of you. And you, and you and most certainly you. I would be lying if I said I did not care who reads my blog--that I don't care about comments. To learn from comments or emails that I have inspired ideas, confirmed beliefs, or brightened days is to learn that what I'm doing is worthwhile. And oh, wouldn't the Generation Y researchers have a heyday with that little tidbit?

Goals for my blog this year include learning more about me and more about you. Am trying to find my voice. Actually,am trying to find out if it is possible to find my own voice, or if I must stumble around blindly until it eventually finds me. Am hoping you can help me with both of these goals. I've rigged up a little survey that I am hoping will help me learn more about you and in turn help me make my blog more appealing to you. While still being me. Am going to find out if that is possible.

Please do take a second to complete my little survey. I so appreciate what you have to say.

Note: Aaaaand the survey is actually working now. Thanks for the heads up, Tiffany!



Tiffany said...

I can definitely understand much of what you expressed here. Blogging is a very vulnerable act. When I become self-conscious, I freeze up. When I let loose, I enjoy it all a lot more.

I'm very happy to take the survey (great idea, by the way) and even more happy to have found your blog. I enjoy it immensely. And for the record, I didn't know about felt soap!

Tiffany said...

Hey, the survey isn't working! Let me know when it is and I'll take it. :)

dw said...

Ditto! Just put a little note in the next post about it, and I'll fill it in!

michelle said...

I didn't know about felt soap, either!

I have experienced quite a bit of self-doubt vis-a-vis blogging. There are so many blogs, so many cool people. There is bound to be someone out there doing what I do, only better. So ultimately my blog is for me and my records. But comments sure are nice, too :).

We live in a Zoo! said...

I'm new here.
I go through that "Its been done, I'm done, etc." all the time. I can't stay away either. ;D
Now I'm off to take your survey.

Anonymous said...


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