09 March 2010

Pink. And then some more pink.

On Saturday, N8tr0n went to a 12 hour movie marathon which, in case you were wondering, sounds something akin to purgatory to me. N8tr0n, however, loved it. I knew that with what was essentially another weekday ahead of us, I would need to come up with something stellar to pass the time that Z-cakes and I had together. Enter: Z-cakes' current obsession, Pinkalicious.


On the off chance that you do not have a two year old girl in your home and you have not read Pinkalicious 25 times in the last three days, let me give you a brief synopsis of this delicious book.

A little girl and her mother decide to make pink cupcakes. The little girl eats so many cupcakes that she turns pink! After a trip to the doctor in which she learns that the only way to return to her normal color is to eat green vegetables, she sneaks one more cupcake. The next morning she wakes up red! She decides she wants to go back to her regular color and eats tons of green veggies in order to do so. She returns to her beautiful self and learns a valuable lesson.

The story then begins again almost immediately. You may recall my use of the word "obsession."


Making Pinkalicious cupcakes on a Saturday is serious business my friends. Aprons must be donned. The kitchen must be prepped. The mantra "ready! mommy! cupcakes!" must be recited for at least three minutes straight. Friends must be invited over to take pictures and supply more sprinkles. (Thank you Rachel.) And the resident Expert on Pink, must be available to pour all of the ingredients into the mixer and turn it on "BY SELF."


We got creative and put actual strawberries in half of the cupcakes and Z-cakes tested the batter using a little trick called, licking the side of the bowl.



There was a brief pause in the action while the cupcakes baked and Z-cakes napped. After that came the hard part, for we all know what gives cupcakes their charm: frosting + sprinkles. We chatted and frosted, frosted and chatted. Mostly girl talk: hopping, monkeys jumping on beds, and grocery stores.


Z-cakes admitted frosting defeat when she stabbed her spreader into her third cupcake. No worries though, sprinkles were more her forte.



The girl exhibited the focus of a seasoned pastry chef. She adorned three entire cupcakes before she decided to just go ahead and eat the sprinkles straight out of the bowl.

Finally it was time to eat. Z-cakes dove right in. That girl knows how to enjoy her cake. When I asked her if she thought she might turn pink too, she looked concerned.


But not concerned enough to not eat two more cupcakes. And some sprinkles.








Cassie said...

Z-cakes is my kind of girl - pink and cupcakes wins all the way!


Tiffany said...

Cute! Cute! Cute! Love the aprons and her so-serious look!

charlotte said...

I love this post. All of it. And I think that Z-Cakes stabbing her knife into the cupcake in frustration is my favorite part.

Laurel said...

I'm going to have to send this to my brother. Emma LOVES Pinkalicious. You guys are adorable.

Katie {My Paisley Apron} said...

Love love it! Oh my goodness, this is my absolute favorite post anywhere today! How absolutely cute, and great pics!!

Hil said...

so darling! I love her concerned face... priceless.

Destri said...

Holy cow!! She looks so big doing this! The pictures are priceless!

Serin said...

That was so freaking adorable! You (or Rachel) captured such cute expressions!

How did the strawberries in the batter turn out? I'm making cupcakes today, in fact. I should be nice like you and let the boys help.

Anonymous said...

I can't even describe the cuteness factor of this post. Thank you for sharing and blogging! I pretty much squeal with delight every time I see that you have a new post on my side-reader-thingy. Hugs! Going to see Jen this weekend! So excited!

Simon and Sara said...

We love that book at our house! So fun!

nina said...

Oh my gosh. Thanks for showing all of this. It was like I was there. Her expressions are priceless. You wouldn't even need to put a caption under them. Tell her Grandma Nina loves pink cake as well.

michelle said...

Oh my gosh, her concerned face is so adorable, I can't stand it!

We love that book as well, can't believe we have never made pink cupcakes!

Sarah said...

Aaa! She is so cute. I love that concentrated face as she frosts her cupcakes. What a doll! Go pink!

Chontal said...

She is adorable! And such a smart little cookie. So cute!

Greeneyes said...

I sure do like pink.
And Z-Cakes' concerned face.
Good job, little mommy.

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

You two are so cute in your aprons!
Love a little girl talk.

emily said...

I love this post so much that I read it twice. Z-Cakes' expressions are the best! ha.

Laurel said...

I finally showed this to Will. He told me that Zayley is messy, but that she did a good job making cupcakes.

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