19 March 2010

Three Lists for Friday


List Number One: People who are in or are returning from Arizona

01. My parents (my dad had board meetings there)
02. My in-laws + nephew (they go every year for Spring training)
03. My friend Rachel (visiting her mom)
04. My friend Makenna (lives there)
05. My friend Peggy (lives there) ((thanks a lot for the reminder Peggy))

As far as I can tell from this list, everybody is in Arizona except me. This makes me very sad and slightly cranky.

List Number Two: Things I Would Like to Buy Today

01. This swimsuit from Shade (waking up to snow on the ground naturally led to online swimsuit shopping)
02. These shoes from Modcloth (I've been waiting for them to come back in stock)
03. This headband from Heart of Light (I think the yellow color would look awesome with my pink hair)

Of course I will resist buying all three of these things...for now. It sure is fun to look though.

List Number Three: What is coming up next week on Narrating Life

01. Pictures of Saturday's shower!
02. Yummy recipes (lemons will be playing a starring role)
03. My thoughts on scrapbooking

Hope to see you there!

Happy Friday everyone and as always, thanks for reading.



paws said...

Don't forget me! I'm in Arizona, too - officially making you the only one who is not here. ;P

Denise said...

SHUT UP with the lemon meringue shoes! They are fabulous and I wish for you to have them to wear with the darling yellow headband.

Can't wait for the shower documentation. Did the banner make the cut?

Tiffany said...

The shoes are amazing. Can't wait for a lemon recipe.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Katie {My Paisley Apron} said...

Yay for lists!! I love them. And love the lemons today - shoes, hairband... and looking forward to the recipe!

Hannah said...

Love that headband! I think I'll try to make it.

Kimberlee said...

Those flowers on the top of this post just may have made my Friday. In love with that picture.

Serin said...

Love the shoes and the headband. I'm not loving swimsuits right now, but that one's cute. ;)

Anonymous said...

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don't quit as well as keep penning as a result it simply worth to read it,
excited to looked over much more of your own writing, thanks ;)

Jason & Makenna said...

List number one just made it seem like you should be here! In the sunshine! With me and Rhett and Azaela making messes and coming up with a million more things to use lemons for (cause I have like a million in front of me)....so yes. You should be here in Arizona for a visit. Let us know when!

Jason & Makenna said...

Oh...and I loved the pics of the dahlias. They're my favorite.

Cassie said...

Hope all goes well with the Saturday shower - sure it will be fabulous.

Rachel said...

Honestly, I missed you in Arizona! The warm red rocks, the blue sky, and painfully bright sun were calling your name. What a good place to be in March. Next time you should come with me, we could take Azalea and Lucy to Lake Powell and let them dip toes in water while we soaked up the sun :)

michelle said...

Oh, those shoes and the headband! Covetous, for sure. I just looked through all of Heart of Light's stuff, sigh.

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