13 April 2010

12 on the 12th :: April

B-Town edition:

12 on the 12th April_resize

{larger size here}

01. Home. It's funny how "home" can mean more than one place.
02. Tiny glimpse of Overland Street.
03. Somebody got new summer shoes even though she was being a stinker-pants at the shoe store.
04. My dad just got an ipad. My dad who runs Windows 95 on his office computer. This new development leaves me feeling confused and a little lost.
05. Knitting. Lots of knitting. These are baby booties.
06. Loving this handmade dress from April.
07. The weather today...meh.
08. A new favorite book: Gossie and Friends.
09. Her collection of pretend food keeps growing.
10. This is my brother.
11. New fabric.
12. I love a good Idaho sunset.

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Hannah said...

I think I am going to start playing along with this 12 on the 12th. I love yours.

Gossie is a favorite around here too.

CANNOT WAIT for our knitting night!

Hil said...

Yay for Burley! Great pictures Miranda. Much too fun.

Emmylou said...

does this mean you are close?

Jason & Makenna said...

Oh Idaho....now I'm homesick. I've only been back 2 in the last 6 years. Definitely not enough.

Simon and Sara said...

Awwww...home! Love the pictures!

April said...

I love seeing that dress actually being worn!! She is the most adorable, ever.

Emily said...

I love this, what a cute idea! I think I may have to start doing this on my blog as well :)

Sarah said...

So cute! Love that dress.

paws said...

I just did my first 12 on the 12th and it was really fun. How do you do the grid? Is there an easy way?

amyfm said...

Great photos Miranda. It's so nice and colorful. Love the purple crocks.

Nice ipad. Your dad's a lucky guys.

Cassie said...

Another fabulous 12 Miranda - love that cute little dress and the sunset is beautiful.

I scheduled my own 12 but then of course completely forgot again! Argh, so annoying - must, must, must remember next month because I enjoy yours so much.


Staci said...

Am I the 12th comment on your 12 on the 12th?!

Photos make me homesick for Burley, and I'm not even from there! Bits of my heart are locked with folks that are though, and I'd love to see all of them.

Greeneyes said...

Yay for ID!

I like your brother's smile. He looks like a mellow, nice person.

Denise said...

Darn it! I just realized that the fabric store you mentioned must NOT be in Denver. Humph.

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