12 April 2010

A Mix and a Story

We took a "little" (15 hour) road trip to visit my friend, Jen. In the spirit of the good old days, I made a mix CD for the trip and left it with Jen as a late birthday present.

The best mix CD's I own were made my Jen's sister, Cathy. Growing up, I pretty much thought the sun rose and set on Cathy's coolness. If Cathy told me to listen to a song I complied immediately. I was channeling Cathy while making my own mix since she was/is the coolest person Jen and I knew/know. Here's what I came up with. I hope you approve, Cathy.


Let My Love Open the Door/ Pete Townshend
Clap Clap/ Goldspot
Run/ Vampire Weekend
Gotta Have You/ The Weepies
Modern Nature/ Sondre Lerche
Vegetable Car/ Joshua Radin
Blue/ Visqueen
All the Pretty Girls/ Fun.
Sweet Disposition/ The Temper Trap
Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?/ She & Him
Come Thou Font of Every Blessing/ Sufjan Stevens
Horchata/ Vampire Weekend
Only You/ Yaz
Three Little Birds/ Elizabeth Mitchell
No Sissies/ Hawksley Workman
Maps/ Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Nothing Better/ The Postal Service
Lynette, I Love You/ Drew Danburry

and now, for a story...


Why N8tr0n is the best road trip partner:

N8tr0n came back to the car after a quick stop at the gas station bearing provisions. "Snackies," as Z-cakes likes to call them. He brightly asked me which bag of mixed cheese flavored Cheez-it crackers I wanted.

I made a barf face.

N8tr0n gently rolled his eyes and opened up a bag, undeterred. He offered a few crackers to me and since I was sleepy and wanted a distraction, (and because they actually smelled pretty good) I accepted.

"Dang. These are really good!"

And he didn't even say "I told you so."


Happy Monday everyone!

P.S. Don't forget today is the 12th! Are you taking pictures?



Hil said...

Love the mix! With Joshua Radin, Fun., Sufjan Stevens, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and last but not least The Postal Service (one of my all time favs), you can't go wrong!

Love it. Thanks for sharing!

Pink Little Cake said...

Wow, thanks for sharing, I have to check the music for sure.

paws said...

Ah, the good old days of mix tapes. That brings back good memories.

michelle said...

I bet Cathy is so flattered! Imagine how great it would feel to be so admired.

I don't know a lot of that music, but I was gratified to see Gotta Have You on the list, one of my faves.

I knew that Nate was a smart guy.

You Are My Fave said...

Mix cds are essential for any and all road trips.

catherine said...

Lol. Little did I know the sway I had with your musical choices :)

I still love mixed tapes/CDs and think they are underutilized as gifts. You get enjoyment out of them over and over. I like how the CD or tape forces you to listen to them in the order the person planned for you. I think they can really say a lot about a certain time/place/feeling etc.

I give my stamp of approval on your CD. Maps is one of my very favorite songs and you can't go wrong with Vampire Weekend or She & Him.

Hope you had fun in Idaho!!

Tiffany said...

I love road trips, gas station food and especially mix CDs! (Great mix, by the way!)

marta said...

#1. i love love love that photo. might need a print of that one.

#2. the mix rocks. love the tunes you've got going.

#3. i love me a roadtrip. hope it's a blast.

#4. can't wait to meet you!

Sarah Stamps said...

We love Drew Danburry. He's married to our cousin La, La, Lynette. We love her too;)

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