29 April 2010

THE cake

Assuming that a few of you might be curious about the cake I made for N8tr0n's birthday...I took a couple of pictures.


Here it is. In all of it's massive glory (I've been using this phrase quite often thanks to you, Kim). A peanut butter chocolate cake. Heaven help us.

The recipe can be found here on the lovely Michelle's recipe blog. I followed all of the notes that she included and cut the leavening in half (altitude!). I also made it a two layers instead of three. The reason I did that is because I only have two round pans. I should look in to changing that.


I should also warn you...this cake is rich. As if you hadn't guessed that all by yourself. I am a girl who claims to have virtually no boundary for richness or sweetness; however, if I did, this cake would be toeing the line.


Speaking of rich chocolate cake...it is time for my dinner.



Serin said...

ooooo, yum!

Laurel said...

Oh my gosh that looks amazing!

Cassie said...

Wowza that is one huge cake!!!

But my absolute favourite thing about this post is the teeny tiny halo of hearts around Z-Cakes, the little angel - I am sure you see it!


Emily said...

This cake looks like heaven! I think I may have to try out the recipe, especially since it is high-altitude friendly.

Pink Little Cake said...

The cake is beautiful and looks delicious, you did a great job!!

Greeneyes said...

ooooh. aaaah. caaake.

emily said...

Why I am reading this on fast Sunday! Mmmmm. (insert stomach rumble) Your cake looks marvelous!

Sydnee said...

That looks so YUMMY! I love those candles and your cute apron!

michelle said...

I'm glad you liked it!

I tend to think that nothing is too rich or too sweet for me, either, but this cake tested my boundaries for sure.

p.s. Marc said this is his new favorite birthday cake, but I think I prefer his old birthday pie (Emeril's peanut butter pie with chocolate crust).

Kimberlee said...

That cake. In all its massive glory. Is fabulous.

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