29 April 2010

You know who you are

This post is for those of you who, like me, put off some of your most time consuming projects until the last minute. Procrastination I believe is the word that some people use.

It is for those of you who insist on hand-making gifts for Mother's Day and weddings.

It is for those of you who listen to Wilco, The Shins, and Deathcab while you craft. In your basement. Until way past bedtime.


You know who you are, and I raise my thrift store mug full of decaf chai to you.



Cassie said...

'Cheers' to an evening of crafting!

'clink, clink of mugs'

Hannah said...

I love me some super-late-night crafting.

You look beautiful in this picture, by the way.

emily said...

New hair color? Love it. Shopping soon? =)

Sydnee said...

I know what you're talking about but I think I work much quicker under very tight time constraints.

michelle said...

My propensity for procrastination is one of my least favorite attributes...

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