26 April 2010


My sister-in-law sent me these pictures last week of my adorable nephew, Mr. Poop, enjoying the crayon apron that I made him for handmade holiday 2009.



It's always so nice to see your gifts being enjoyed, don't you think? It's also nice to see my creation on such a handsome model. I have always been a sucker for the hair sticking out of the baseball cap look.



Hannah said...

totally cute! I love that shaggy hair, too. He's adorable.

Staci said...

That little guy is stinking cute! (sorry, pun intended...) Your inlaws must be ecstatic to have an adorable grandchild of each gender.

Emily said...

SOOO adorable! Makes me want to learn how to sew!

Rachel said...

That is one cute little boy! He makes that apron look good, poop and all :)

swell.life said...

this is an awesome idea. so adorable! you seriously call him mr. poop? hilarious!

Gail said...

To Staci - ABSOLUTELY !!!!!

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