22 April 2010

Get your green craft on

As promised, a few of my favorite "green crafts."

:: This Market Tote made from a vintage pillowcase is too cute. I'm making one today and it is almost done. Quick and easy!

:: And speaking of pillow cases...I love all of the re-purposing ideas there are out there. I can usually find great pillowcases for a dollar at our local thrift store. I have made an apron to hold my laundry pins and have big plans for summer dresses for Z-cakes.

:: I'm really upset that I didn't think of this myself. Bravo Miss Salihan.

:: I would love to do this or this to the bazillions of grocery bags that I have. I swear I take my reusable bags everywhere. How do I still end up with so many plastic bags?

:: Do you think we could hang these somewhere where the squirrels wouldn't eat all of the seeds?

Happy Crafting!



paws said...

That pot scrubber and yarn sleeve are very creative, but I wouldn't feel comfortable putting my pretty yarn into something that sudsed up my...ahem, personal body parts.

Miranda said...

Ha! So true.

michelle said...

Seriously good idea on the pot scrubber!

Also, one of my young women was making crocheted bags out of plastic bags 7 or 8 years ago! She was so ahead of the game.

Anonymous said...

You inspire me...

Hannah said...

My kids would love that bird feeder. I'm adding it my list of to-make-crafts.

Great finds, Mandy!

nina said...

Too bad we didn't see the post about the sun dresses before mine all went to the DI. Hated ironing those things. Maybe Grandpa still has some in Grandmas drawer! Have to check

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