22 April 2010

Earth you're a wonderful, wonderful planet

Happy Earth Day everybody!


Did you know that the first Earth Day was 40 years ago? Our Earth Day started out cloudy and raining. The perfect weather for my Seattleite husband who just gets a little tired of all of the sunshine around here. A few hours later Z-cakes and I were chasing the sun in the backyard and jumping on the mini trampoline that my mom bought by using The Secret.


(okay, little off-topic story here: So Z-cakes really likes jumping. As in, she uses it as her main form of transportation. No, it is not very efficient in case you were wondering. Anyway, she likes jumping on the couch. I do not like her jumping on the couch. At least not now that she's gotten bigger and the couch makes a painful creaking sound when she jumps. I told my mom it would be nice if we could get Z-cakes a little trampoline. You know, like the kind everybody had for exercise in the 80s, I said to her.

Oh sure. We'll just go to the Youth Ranch. They'll have one
. She says.

I was a little confused by her confidence but figured maybe she knew something I didn't. We drove out to what was actually the Youth Ranch warehouse in Twin Falls, ID, and there amongst old school desks, broken down cubicles, and tire-less bikes, was the trampoline. Only one. Five bucks. Plus tax.

It was then that I realized that my mom must have used The Secret to make this happen. I bet Oprah would concur. It is the only way I can justify such luck.)

Anyway...rain in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon, rain again in the afternoon. Unstable weather is what the forecasters here call it, but in Seattle it's called Sun Breaks. N8tr0n is feeling right at home. I hope you're all having a wonderful Earth Day, rain of shine.

In the meantime, I will be celebrating by polishing off this bag of Sun Chips.

{Sun Chips for the Earth}

I can't wait to compost this sucker.

Composting tips here.

Full Disclosure: Sun Chips did not sponsor this post. Although, if they stumble upon it they are welcome to pay me in chips. The Secret didn't sponsor it either now that I think about it...though I'm not sure how payment would work for that.



Laurel said...

I have similar thoughts about all the sunshine in San Diego. Seattle makes people like me and N8tron crazy. (Crazy to all those that did not grow up in the northwest, that is. I think we're perfectly normal.)

Also, if the Secret offers to pay you, you clearly need to request your payment in secrets. Like, ask for the Colonel's secret recipe. Or who shot JFK. Or what makes PopSecret so secretive.

I've now typed "secret" enough times that it no longer looks like a word.

Anonymous said...

Just tell Z-Cakes that jumping on the couch leads to broken bones. Check out my blog for the proof!

Staci said...

So glad to hear that I'm not the only one who wanted clouds today! I've got a banger of a migraine, and the unfiltered sunshine is more than my eyes can take. I'm wearing sunglasses indoors!

Perhaps I'll have to READ "The Secret". I tried it on audio book and about chucked it out the window of my non-earth loving SUV. It was that bad!

nina said...

No the "secret" had nothing to do with it. My Grandbaby needed a trampoline and the Youth Ranch just didn't dare not have one. I hear all those stories about finding exercise equipment there so I just knew they would have a tramp for my favorite Granddaughter! Love the pictures and glad that she is enjoying it.

Gail said...

I showed the picture to Will. His eyes lit up and he said "Zayley....huggin a tree"
These kids know Earth Day - have a good one :)

michelle said...

I'm glad you explained how your mom got the trampoline from The Secret. That was going to be my question. Now if the authors/publishers of the book see this, I think they ought to pay you in dreams come true.

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